8 September 2010

We Were On A Break!

We were on a break, a blogging break.

My Mum was here for her annual visit and I didn't want to spend all of it behind a laptop, although when she wanted to read her book...

So what happened while we were (mostly) offline?

We had some birthdays. Cash was two, then Andy was, erm, 29 again and then Presley was three. They still haven't opened all their presents! 

Presley took his first photographs, I think Andy helped a little setting this one up.

We walked on the beach in some beautiful September sunshine.

We made sandcastles.

We sat in holes.

We went to Ikea. It was a rather successful trip. We got there as it opened, bought everything on our list, ate meatballs and left the tea-lights alone. We bought the boys one of these gorgeous quilts each, the photograph really doesn't do it justice.

We said goodbye to baby curls as Cash had his first haircut. 

We got new jobs. We're Toys R Us Toyologists. Toys R Us have recruited forty families from around the UK, known for their online presence, to review toys. This lot was in the first box. We won't keep all of the toys. We'll be holding Toyologist tea parties where toys will be put through their paces in toddler groups, hospitals and children's homes. Reviews to follow...

... Speaking of reviews.

Drumroll please.

I've started a new blog.


From now on I'll be posting all reviews on a dedicated reviews blog called...

(Another drumroll)


I think we're almost up to date now. 

Mum left yesterday and gets home tomorrow! She lives a long way away and is having a stopover in Singapore to break up the journey.

We've all had colds and one or other of the boys has vomited every day and night since Sunday - yes, another bug. I spent most of the day today on the sofa with two poorly boys, covered in towels (just in case). I'm tired.

Presley missed his first day at nursery today too.

Hey ho. I'm off to apologise yet again to the washing machine.




  1. Happy Birthday to your 3 wonderful men. I can not wait to catch up prop on Monday xx

  2. lovely summer round up! and lol at leaving the tea lights alone! and what beautiful hair your son had! my children too have had the bug (bloody hard work) and missed first day of pre-school but all back to normal now i hope... x

  3. I need to follow your lead... I'm sitting here at the beach with my family, blogging away every day. What is wrong with me? There is nothing wrong with taking a break :)

  4. What an eventful time, most of it sounds fun though (except the vomiting). Hope you're all feeling better soon.

  5. Welcome back - we've missed you. How did you manage to get out of IKEA with no tealights? It's unheard of.

  6. I love the Friends reference!
    Also, Baby B has that quilt, I love it :)

  7. What a busy time....sounds like most of it was fun but yuk to another stomach bug. Horrid! Hope you are all feeling better today. X

  8. Wow, sounds like it has been busy. Glad you had a lovely time with your Mum.

    Did you cry when the cut all Cash's gorgeous hair off?

    Mich x

  9. I would have cried like a baby when I cut his hair. Actually I think I would have refused to cut his hair until he was ooooh 30!

  10. The Mad House, thank you. It was lovely to spend some time with you x

    Elsie, thank you. The tea-lights are tempting, but I was determined! :-) x

    Kerry, it takes a bit of confidence to realise you don't have to blog every day. We all need a break sometimes :-) x

    Ang, as with all these illnesses, it has passed! :-) x

    Deer Baby, what a lovely thing to say. I was determined to not so much as glance at tea-lights. :-) x

  11. Clare, the quilt is gorgeous! :-) x

    Chic Mama, everyone is well now, thank goodness! x

    Mich, at one point I held my head in my hands and said 'what am I doing?', but he looks lovely with short hair. You can see his face :-) x

    Lindy, I wished I hadn't had Presley's hair cut when I did, but Cash was ready for it. I've stopped treating him like a baby now! x


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