3 August 2010

Would you like to meet David Beckham?

*This is a sponsored post*

Would you like to meet David Beckham?

Stupid question! Of course you would, you're only human.

Once, years ago, I worked for a company who had season tickets for West Ham. Every other Saturday the directors entertained clients at the football. One Saturday not all of them could make it, so they asked me to join them. We met our clients at the Swallow Hotel at Loughton. I was at the bar when Alex Ferguson and the Manchester United team filed past me to get on their coach. I was inches away from a young blond David Beckham. I played it cool, when I really wanted to squeal


The lovely Mr Beckham is supporting the Young's GO3 Superheroes Challenge to get us off our sofas and get fit together as a family. It's all about taking taking small steps and having fun.

As part of the Superheroes Challenge there is a competition to win a five star, all expenses paid trip to meet David Beckham where ever he is in the world.

Yes, the winning family (four people) will be flown to meet Becks. Wow!

For another chance to win, check out the special packs of Young's GO3 products.

Right kids, it's fish fingers for tea.

Good luck!



  1. Oooooohhhh who wouldn't like to meet Mr.Beckham??? Did you see him on the last Jonathon Ross??? Yum!!

  2. Fish fingers for the rest of the Summer holidays me thinks! x

  3. Wow fish fingers all round, good enough reason for me!

  4. Emma, no, I missed him :-( x

    Suzanne, oh yes! x

    Baby Genie, any excuse! ;-) x


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