12 May 2010

It Wasn't Me!

Now, I don't usually post press releases...


..well, theft is theft!

500 LEGO car wheels disappeared
23 pieces from the Selfridges Bullring gone
One entire Blackpool tram snaffled
Since opening almost two months ago, the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre in Manchester has lost almost 3000 significant pieces of LEGO.

This is not counting the thousands of standard bricks that have been lost or taken home by mistake.

Keen to reclaim these essential pieces, the attraction has launched an amnesty scheme to appeal to the people of Manchester to check their pockets for any items that may have mistakenly made their way back to visitor’s homes following an afternoon at the Centre.

The MINIFIGURES that have gone missing from MINILAND include a specially created Stig lookalike and a Wayne Rooney.

It is mainly MINILAND that has suffered with an entire tram from Blackpool going missing, but there have also been over 500 wheels replaced in the Build and Test area since the attraction opened.

Neil Crittenden, General Manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre said:

“We’ve enjoyed an incredibly successful launch period, and have to date welcomed thousands of keen LEGO fans!  However, it seems some of our visitors have enjoyed their visit so much that they have chosen to take a piece of the attraction home – perhaps to continue practicing their building skills. 

“Our Master Model Builder Alex has been constantly replenishing the attraction with MINIFIGURES, bricks and wheels to ensure guests have plenty to play with, but is wasn’t until this weekend’s audit that we realised the full extent of the missing stock.  We purposely wanted to ensure visitors could get as close as possible to the features of the Centre, but are now having to draw up plans to protect the buildings following guests getting a little too hands-on with the exhibits.  We’re now appealing for the safe return of our missing items, rewarding those honest Mancunians with a voucher for discounted entry”.

The LEGO amnesty box, which will of course be made of LEGO, will be placed in the attraction’s shop so that items can discreetly be posted back and re-homed back in the Centre.

Tickets for the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre cost from £9.30 when booked online at www.LEGOLANDDiscoveryCentre.co.uk.

The Centre is open from 10am seven days a week. Closing times vary from 5pm – see website for details.

Who on earth would steal LEGO bricks? Are we a nation of kleptomaniacs? What is wrong with people?

Go on, take it back you horrible lot!




  1. What terrible things to do. No wonder these places cost so much to get in to, if they keep havint ot replace stuff.

    Ps Loving the banner - I WANT ONW TOO. stamping feet

  2. The Mad House, exactly! Nick at My Daddy Cooks made the banner. I'll email you.

  3. Who would steal Wayne Rooney? That is so funny. I wonder if it's really a publicity stunt. Cynical me. And putting out an honesty box for their safe return - priceless.

  4. Deer Baby, I know. It made me chuckle, I'm pretty sure it's tongue in cheek!

  5. That's awful - there's accidental and then there's wrong

    BTW adore the banner, don't suppose you could email me too?

  6. That's actually funny (I guess I shouldn't laugh) but do they really think people will come back with the lego bits or is it clever PR?

  7. Muddling Along Mummy, I know, it's shocking! Have emailed x

    Irish Mammy, I laughed, knowing I shouldn't really laugh. Great PR I think :-)

  8. I have to say I would be tempted to steal a lego Stig, but of course I'm far too honest...

  9. Make Do Mum, we're now wondering whether we were the only ones not to steal something?!


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