24 May 2010

The Gallery: Friendship

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is friendship.

I initially thought that I would take a photograph of my boys playing together because I hope they will be wonderful friends as well as brothers - especially as they are so close together in age. Unfortunately the tops of their heads is not really an interesting photograph and I don't like to show their faces online. 

This led me to think about my friends. I don't have a large circle of friends, so there are no happy photographs of me on drunken nights out with the girls. I do however have a handful of close friends. 

There is a recent photograph of me with my best friend, but I look awful in it. It was taken at the end of the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show. Amanda was one of the models. She looked fabulous, hair and make-up professionally done. I, on the other hand, had been crying for the last hour and had no make-up left on. The less said about my home hairdressing attempt the better!

But, because she looks so amazing and I still cry when I remember how proud I was of her on that night, here it is:

This friendship is so important to me that I'll publish a photograph of me after I've been crying - a lot!

We've both been through a great deal since we met (at work, 15 years ago), but we've always been there for each other. I love you Amanda, my sister from another mother x



  1. You're really lucky to have a friend like that - and she's lucky to have you x

  2. What a lovely picture, good friends are so precious.

  3. What a lovely post . You are a truly wonderful friend. Amanda x

  4. you are true friends, long may it last, she did look stunning

  5. Good Friends are so precious! Friends can bring back so many memories!


  6. What a lovely photo. :-)

  7. Gosh, that is so lovely Sandy. I'm glad you chose this photo - tears and all

  8. What a great photo, the story behing it is amazing too:) You know you look great, even if you had been crying:) Jen.

  9. Sam, I know :-) x

    Nickie, thank you x

    Geeky Mummy, my mum always says 'true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, false friends are like poppies, found everywhere' x

    Amanda, xxx

    The Mad House, I can't see it stopping. She did look amazing - actually she always does :-) x

  10. Mel, that's so true x

    Dymphna, thank you x

    Mari, aww, thank you :-) x

    Jen, thank you, but I really don't like that photograph of me!! x

  11. What wonderful ladies you both are. Gorgeous photo.

  12. ah that is really quite lovely. great friendships are simply the best thing in the world.


  13. Such a wonderful post - and the picture is beautiful :)

  14. Barbara, aww, thank you :-)

    Henri, you're right, there's nothing like a good friendship :-)

    Mirka, thank you x

    Bibbleboo, thank you :-)


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