18 May 2010

Can You Guess What it is Yet?

Can you guess what this is?

No, it's not that.

Go on, have another guess.

No. What ever you guessed, it's probably incorrect.

Here's a close-up:

Presley, two and a half, was extremely proud of his handiwork.

I think his meatball and chip constructions should win the Turner Prize.

There's more than one of them, you know.

Here's his little production line:

Okay, okay, I'll put you out of your misery.

It's an ice-cream cone.

Yep, you heard.

According to Presley he was making ice-cream cones.

I still think it looks like a cock and balls, but what do I know?!



  1. That is too funny! You said "cock and balls." I'm off to giggle now. This seems to be going around. I just wrote my second penis-post in two days. (Will be up later tonight.)

  2. Ps.. everyone is referring to the penis today... check out @crystaljigsaw 's banana post too!

  3. Ha ha - I did wonder if it was a mushroom of some sort. Obviously my imagination is not filthy enough!

  4. Haha LOVE all the penis energy today!!!

  5. I guessed mushroom! But now I'm off to check out all the rude posts on the other blogs!

  6. Yep, I thought a mushroom too.Obviously too innocent to see anything else.

  7. Same here I thought mushroom, obviously I have lead a really sheltered life.!!!

  8. I would have said it looks like a mushroom! Oops, too early for me I think. Maybe I should go back to bed!

  9. Hehehehehe! I LOVE it! Why do kids need to construct things out of their dinner? Small Boy made a pirate ship sandwich the other day plus flower-shaped toast. Why??? (Looks like he ate some too - can have the recipe?!)

  10. That is very funny, what a great imagination he has!

  11. You have a very dirty mind. I thought it was a deep-fried mushroom...

  12. lol you said naughty words ;-)

    I would never have guessed an ice cream cone mind, I would have thought it was a mushroom you found down the back of your settee!

  13. Lol! I have that exact same plate for my littlies...cock and balls...snigger x

  14. I definitely thought it was a deep fried mushroom!!!!

  15. Mwa, hehe, I do swear sometimes, but rarely online!!

    Manda, I saw that. We've got them on the brain!!

    Julie, you know what? It does look like a mushroom, but that's not nearly as funny ;-)

    Josie, it's catching!!

    Photopuddle, I know, it does look like a mushroom really. I hope you enjoyed the other posts!!

  16. Aly, it is quite mushroomy now you come to mention it!!

    Mich, :-) x

    Lorraine, you're all too clean-minded!! ;-)

    Foodie Mummy, I know, I know, it looks like a mushroom. I'll have to try to purify my mind somehow!!

    Titch, Small Boy sounds very talented. Today Presley made a 'lollipop' out of a sandwich and a carrot stick. The mind boggles!!

  17. Kerry, I know. I'm so proud :-)

    Muuummmmeeeee, apparently so!!

    Magic Mummy, hehe I did say naughty words. I said sh1t today when I knocked a coffee over. My MIL not NOT impressed!!

    Raichyrae, it's a good plate. It means you can keep the vegetables separate so they don't eat any by accident! *sniggers too*

    BabyGenie, so just me with the dirty mind then?! ;-)

  18. My money was on a mushroom. I gave an actual gasp of shocked laughter when I read the last sentence! You are very funny x

  19. Baking Mad Mama, I was trying to be funny, glad it made you laugh! x


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