3 May 2010

Blankety Blank

Are you familiar with the gameshow Blankety Blank? Basically contestants and celebrities had to fill in the blanks - with hilarious consequences. For example, blank house could be White house, Wendy house or Bobmonk house. I know, not particularly hilarious - but you get the idea?

I don't like to swear online, so you'll need to play Blankety Blank along with me here.

I'm blank furious. I'm blank livid. Today some blankety blank in a BMW honked his blank horn at my two year old son. What a blankety blank.

We were crossing the road about twenty metres from a fairly busy junction. I was pushing Cash in the buggy and Presley was walking, holding his Dad's hand. We always follow the Green Cross Code. We only cross the road when we can't see or hear a single car.

We were over half way across the road when a blank in a BMW flew around the corner.

Did I mention that Presley is only two, with little two year old legs?

So the blank BMW driver, instead of just easing off the accelerator slightly for a couple of seconds to let us get on the path safely the blankety blanking blankety blank sped up, did an exaggerated swerve and honked his blank horn.

He honked his blank horn at my baby.

What did he hope to achieve? We weren't in the wrong. We were crossing a residential road as fast as we could. Luckily Andy and Presley kept walking when he honked his horn. No one fell over.

Does the blank also honk his horn at people in wheelchairs, horses, cyclists? Yes, probably, because he is a blankety blank and a blank.


I was speechless and then a bit shocked. I thought I was going to cry. What a blank thing to do.

Okay, enough of the blanks now.

And relax.


  1. That's appalling! A blank indeed. Poor Presley, I'm glad it didn't shock him too much and he managed to keep walking. Hope you're ok, that sort of thing always shakes me up!

  2. What a blanking blanker!! Really pleased Presley wasn't shocked by it. Sounds like you were doing everything right to me. I'd be blanking fuming at that driver too.

  3. There are some nasty inconsiderate people about. Horrible. Fortunately most drivers are thoughtful when you cross the roads with little ones. I used to love Blankety Blank. Could you actually use that chequebook and pen though?

  4. Baking Mad Mama, it bothered me much more than it bothered him. I'm fine now, thanks. I feel better for having a rant!

    Photo Puddle, too blanking right. Blank!!

    Emily, I don't know. If my memory serves me well (unlikely) I think it was made out of metal, although apparently you can write a cheque on the side of a cow and the bank has to honour it!

  5. What a blanker - he must have been able to see that you had small children with you - shocking behaviour.

    You know I was all set with a comment that involved the Blankety Blank cheque-book and pen, but I see Emily's beaten me to it! Somebody had to say it didn't they?!

  6. Oh that sort of stuff makes me really angry, what a .... blank. Think you may have started something here. I am also impressed you didn't flick him the bird.

  7. Ah this really upsets me too. it makes me feel so vulnerable because feels like they have no respect for my life or my children's.

  8. :O OMG what a blankety blank indeed. I have to say I think my temper would have got the better of me and I'd have thrown something at him, people like that are blanks and shouldn't be on the road.

  9. I think that people have no idea, I get very BB when they people use the crossing, but dont wait for the greenman - FFS

  10. Total blanker. There are a few of them around. When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, walking along with toddler in pram, dog on lead and on crutches (pregnancy and my back don't mix), I had to, at one point, step onto a dead end residential road. Bin day you see, not enough room for me on the pavement. This blanker stopped his car and shouted at me (I had pulled right over for him, there was room for him to get past). Anyway, he drove off and THEN CAME BACK TO SHOUT SOME MORE. I might have not said blanker at him rather loudly.

    Poor you, hope you've recovered. It is quite stressful! x

  11. Gappy, yes, I'm sure you would all win a cheque book and pen for correctly guessing the blanks!

    Scribbling Mum, I was so shocked I stood and stared as he sped off!

    Marketing to Milk, that's it, you do feel totally vulnerable taking your precious babies anywhere near roads. Lots of narrow footpaths where we live too :-(

    Livi, I was too shocked to react. I don't understand why some drivers think they are more important than pedestrians.

    The Mad House, even worse are the ones who drag their children across busy roads just yards from a crossing!

    Pants With Names, I've recovered thanks. A few blanks and I felt better. That's a shocking story. What a blanking blanker indeed. I'd have brandished my crutches!

  12. You should feel sorry for the Blanker, he obviously has a huge inferiority complex! Fast cars do not make up for a loving family.

  13. Cara, I'm guessing he doesn't have children of his own...


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