9 May 2010

The Gallery: Men!

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is men.

Are you all tutting and rolling your eyes?!

This photograph may or may not have been staged. My husband wouldn't dare dream of leaving his pants and socks on the floor.




  1. love it love it!!! I dont know what is worse - socks NEAR the washing basket (i.e. ALMOST there) or socks no where near it (i.e. not even trying = my house)... mmmh.

  2. My Husband went through a (long) stage of dropping his pants at the end of the bed. I went through a (short) stage of picking them up and putting them in the bin rather than the wash basket. Funnily he doesn't do it anymore ;-)

  3. It would never have occurred tome to photograph men in that way but it is so true!

  4. You have READ MY MIND. It is the fact they are BESIDE the sodding laundry basket that gets me the most... I can feel my blood pressure rising...

    Can you tell we had a little conversation about this exact issue last night? Where are the pants and socks this morning. Where your photo has them. GRRRRRRR

  5. This pretty much sums up men I think..
    Genius ; )

  6. HA! That is brilliant! Great work :)

  7. You could also call the post '11 year olds' as well!

  8. Brilliant! Looks just like my bedroom floor.

    CJ xx

  9. Haha....great interpretation! :0)

  10. This had be rolling on the floor, because my boys are neat freaks!

  11. My other half actually throws his dirty socks in the general direction of the laundry basket. Once I got to work and opened up my handbag only to pull out one of his dirty socks that had obviously missed the target. Nice.

  12. ROFL! This is my lot too! Mine puts his on the lid of the laundry basket...makes me scream!

  13. And right next to the laundry basket - is this genetic? Is there some code in the Y chromosome that makes putting washing in the washing basket just impossible for men??!! Because mine is exactly the same! I likey that bin idea.....

  14. How do they manage to be born without all those bits that would make them put them in the basket?! I blame the parents! ;)

  15. All men are the same, aren't they???

  16. Yep, mine are the same too. It's like a battle of wills - he insists on strewing them round the floor, I refuse to pick them up. I've tried training him, nothing seems to work! With the 2 boys, it's turned into a game of target practice.

  17. Ha ha that is so funny. I had the pretty much the exact same scene this morning. How hard is it to put things in a washing basket. Are they programmed this way? Excellent post xx

  18. Maggy, I think almost there is worse than nowhere near!

    Sleepless Mum, when they run out of clean underwear they learn ;-)

    Magic Mummy, so true!

    Glowstars, it came to me straight away, probably because I have to be creative as I don't show the boys on the blog.

    Pants With Names, oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Deep breaths!

  19. Yummy Mummy No1, thank you :-)

    Tiddlyompompom, thank you :-)

    Tawny, how hard is it to pick them up?!

    CJ, not just me then :-) x

    New Mummy, thank you :-) x

  20. Nova, thank you :-)

    The Mad House, I hope I get neat freaks!

    Young Mummy, oh that's brilliant! :-)

    Christine, glad it made you laugh, it's better than screaming!

    Mts W, yep, love the bin idea!

  21. JFB, absolutely! :-)

    Mirka, it would appear to be the case!

    Susie, glad you enjoyed it :-)

    Mithered Mum, I hope their aim is good!

    Susan, thank you :-) x


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