21 August 2009

Rice Cake Heartbreak

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The boys were eating rice cakes on the walk home from the library this morning.

Then catastrophe! Presley dropped one of his rice cakes. As it rolled away from the pushchair he squeaked in horror. I told him it didn't matter because we had plenty more.

He squeaked and pointed behind him all the way home. When we got in, he ran to the front door. He's a man of few words, but I knew he wanted to go back out and look for the rice cake.

I then made a big mistake.

I told him not to worry, the squirrels would eat it.

Oh dear. He started to cry. Huge tears rolled down his cheeks and plopped on to his T-shirt. I tried to offer him another, clean, rice cake but he was too upset to answer. He merely pushed it away.

There was only one thing for it. Daddy to the rescue.

"Daddy, please can you go outside and find Presley's rice cake", I said (as I covertly handed Andy a rice cake). Out he went, down the drive.

Andy returned a few seconds later triumphant, rice cake in hand.

"Thank you Daddy".




  1. That is so sweet!

    Something similar happened with Chrissy a few weeks back. She had brought a plastic Makka Pakka with her in the buggy, but got bored of holding it so Ed stuck it on the buggy hood. But as he pushed the buggy up a steep curb, it flew off and before he could stop it, it fell down a drain.
    Chrissy was so upset! I had to convince her that Makka Pakka wanted to swim in the sea so that's why he dived down the drain. Thankfully she's forgotten about it now!

  2. Ahhh, I wonder when kids stop being so gullible?! x

  3. Ah bless him, BG loves them rice cakes! Love the new look x

  4. I'm glad opperation rice cake was a success, kids and there wierd little ways eh :)

  5. great idea to send daddy outside! My girls love those rice cakes they are yummy! (i have tried them) xxx

  6. Poor Presley, losing a rice cake is obviously a traumatic experience! I'll have to remember the 'sending Daddy outside' tip for when mine are a little bit older, though!

  7. OMG, I've been there so many times....I'm still there sometimes, my youngest's only six......

  8. Ken (of Barbie and Ken fame) decided to jump out of Top Enders hand one day. We noticed on the way home where we found him minus one leg, he looked a bit flat too IYKWIM.

    We took him home and burried him (in the bin) after a search for his leg wasn't fruitful.

    We found his leg two weeks later...

  9. Sorry I did try putting a comment on earlier today...having a bit of trouble for some reason.
    I find when things like this happen it so heartbreaking seeing them so distressed. I'm glad it was something replaceable and not the treasured cuddly toy that i allowed my daughter to take out once, which she lost, that belonged to her brother. Gulp!

  10. Awww bless him! Great idea to send daddy to look for it though, I'll have to remember that one! x

  11. Genius! That was quick thinking. Love the idea that Squirrels get a treat but Presley obviously is not so keen. Will have to work on my devious trick the child skills (used only for good of course!)

  12. I love this age, so innocent. Ready to believe anything, simply because they can.
    I wrote a post about the tooth fairy,forgotten money and missing teeth in my old blog. Same thing.

  13. My little-un would be the same, he is only 6 months old, but when he gets hold of one of those rice cakes, he is like a rabid dog - lord knows what they put in those things.....but I know I want them to make an equally satisfying adult version!!

  14. Claire, Who knew Makka Pakka was such a good swimmer?! I'm so glad Chrissy's forgotten about it now. Not quite so easy to replace as a rice cake!

    Insomniac Mummy, I know! :-)

    Clare, I'm hoping to get quite a few years of gullible out of them (Father Christmas, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy)! x

    New Mummy, both boys eat rice cakes every day! Thanks, but I had to take the new look background off as it was taking ages to load. Back to the drawing board! x

    Wife of Bold, 'Operation Rice Cake', love it! :-)

    Amy, I'm so glad we were able to send Daddy out! I haven't tried them, I don't get a look in!! x

    Helen, I knew he loved rice cakes, but didn't quite know how much!!

    Gaelikaa, ah bless her. Like I said to Clare, I hope I can carry on making them happy this way. x

    Pippa, RIP Ken! I hope you buried the leg in the same place! So funny :-)

    Chic Mama, sorry, that may have been my fault. I was playing with my blog! I know, he was so upset - over a rice cake. That's terrible about losing a precious cuddly toy. P's monkey only ever leaves his cot if he's sleeping at his Grandma's, for that reason. x

    Laura, yes, we'll be remembering that one too! x

    Kelly, we only use our powers of deception for good! Anything to stop the crying! x

    Jo, I'm so glad they do believe these things. I loved the magic of childhood. Are you still blogging?

    Eblonde, yes, they really love them. It would be great if we craved adult rice cakes. I only eat them when we've run out of bread, certainly not as a treat! :-)

  15. LOL!!!! Bad squirrel, bad! That's so cute and I can just imagine how you felt when you realised you'd just made the situation worse. Those rice cakes are very nice though so I can understand his determination!

  16. Hot Cross Mum, I felt awful when he was sobbing for his lost rice cake. They're okay, but I'd rather have a real biscuit!!


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