13 August 2009

Bad Hair Day?

Bad hair day? No, BAD HAIR LIFE is more like it!

I've never been happy with my hair. I'm not really that vain. I'm overweight. I only wear make-up when I go out (so not very often). I think I would feel so much better about myself if I had nice hair. It doesn't have to be any particular style, certainly nothing trendy. I like to wash and go.

The problem is I have frizzy hair. It's wavy so of course I want straight hair. Anything but frizzy would do!

I've always had stupid hair. Here is my hair history:

The 70's
Brown and straight. I wanted curly and spent many nights sleeping face down in my mother's curlers.

The 80's
Every colour under the sun. I liked it blonde, pink and red. The black goth look was a disaster. I'd left some blonde at the sides and the fringe. My hair looked like a great big bird poo. I liked my hair spiky - top tip: sugar water will stick your hair up, but it will also sticky your hair up. Yuk. I shaved the sides once. This didn't go down well with my parents or the school!

The 90's
Perms. perms and yet more more perms. I wanted silky corkscrew curls, I got Maid Marion, from Robin of Sherwood, frizz. Mostly brown, started going grey. One poor copy of Demi Moore in Ghost, leading to years of growing it. Then cut into a short crop and bleached for travelling (I had a late gap year)! I quite liked this, apart from the one time I went out and forgot the frizz buster balm. I ended up looking like Gloria Hunniford.

The 00's - 2000-2006
One long round of having a 'style', usually layers, followed by growing it out into a long one-length bob. Highlights. Always asking for a natural look to cover the grey, ending up with alternate blonde, red and brown stripes (with the grey still visible). I think I must speak a different language to hairdressers.

Before I had Presley I had a very short cut - doesn't everyone when they have a baby? It was pretty awful.

Growing it. Blonde highlights.

Dyed brown. Still growing it, not intentionally, just never got round to making an appointment.

Very long, no style whatsoever. Horrified by new under-fringe. Is it me or does everyone get strange new hair growth after they've had a baby? That is of course after loads of it has fallen out in the first few months after the birth. Made an appointment for a haircut.

Told the hairdresser that I hate my hair, she could do what she liked with it. I trust her, she was the one who cut the style that is on my profile photo.

You want to see what she did, don't you?

Be kind, I'm not wearing make up!

I love it!

The small print!
I read a blog recently where someone had posted their hair history in photos. It must have taken them all day to put together. I would have loved to have done that, but haven't the time. I wanted to credit them for inspiring this post, but I can't remember who it was and I'm sorry about that. If the blogger who wrote that post reads this, please leave me a comment and a link to the post so that I can credit you. Thanks :-)

The inspiration for this post was from That Girl at 40 Not Out. Thanks to the lovely Emily at Maternal Tales for remembering x



  1. It's a lovely haircut!! I got exactly the same one whilst I was pregnant! :)x

    PS You don't need make-up to look beautiful!

  2. That sounds like a history of my hair life...even the Pink..you really made me laugh, wonderful post Sandy and very nice cut!!

  3. Your hair looks lovely and shiny! Really suits you! I booked to get my hair done today, it's getting too long and my roots are terrible, so really enjoyed your post! x

  4. I think it looks nice. Perhaps take it out of your mouth a bit. :-)

    Maybe I should do a post on my hair history as well. I've just decided to grow it long, though. Perhaps after that.

  5. It looks great!

    I'm not sure I could recall all my hair styles over the years although I did have the 'crop' just before no.2 was born. Instantly regretted it. And had the perm for years.
    I love that new 'baby' hair growth you get after you've had a baby.

  6. Hey at least you have hair. Guys are always dreading the day that they notice it falling out. I don't have that problem. My problem is that as I age it starts popping up in places it's never been before.

  7. Such a pretty lady, the "new do" looks great! Cx

  8. I had my hair cut at 13 and my nickname after that was Aunt Sally. In fact someone added me on Facebook about a fortnight ago and that was the "personal message" they'd sent with it.

  9. I really want to see some of the 80's pics lol!!

    Your new hair looks fab.

  10. I love the new hair cut! I have been there with the bad hair and the frizzy hair, its only on the last 2 months I have found a product that will calm my frizzy curls. And I have been many many colours x

  11. Love the hair cut, I need to go get mine done, but hate finding a new hairdresser so have been putting it off.

  12. Emma, Thank you. It must be quite trendy as I saw someone else with one today! Thanks for the PS too :-) x

    Lorraine, how funny! Any photos, especially of the pink? Thanks x

    Laura C thank you, I've always wanted shiny! I hope you get on okay too x

    Mwa, I was trying to look windswept and interesting! I think you should do some hair posts, before and after? x

    Chic Mama, thanks :-) Ooh I'm not keen on the new baby hair. Until yesterday I hadn't had a fringe, apart from these new bits of under-growth. They looked a bit odd! x

    The Mommy Daddy, hi there! My husband has both of those problems!

    Claire L, why thank you :-) x

    Clare 1982, oh that's mean. I hope you told them to grow up! x

    Widge, thanks. I may be able to scan a few. Watch this space!! x

    New Mummy, thanks. What do you use? I've used Frizz Ease Secret Agent Styling Cream for years. It's not bad, but I'm always on the lookout for the frizzy hair holy grail! x

    b, thanks. I've been really lucky to find my hairdresser. I asked my sister in law where she goes (her hair is always immaculate). It's the most expensive salon in town - typical! Good luck with your search. I feel so much better for having it done x

  13. I think to be fair to your readership we should at least have a photo from each decade, Sandy (you must be much older than you look btw)

    Super do! kim x

  14. I'm with you on the hair front - it's the bane of my life - and I'm frizzy too - but straighteners are a life saver. A time waster, but a life saver nonetheless. Love your new style - so pleased for you that you've found something you like. Stick with it honey - there's nothing like a good hair do to make you feel on top of the world. BTW - I think the blogger you couldn't remember with bad hair pics throughout the decades was That Girl at 40 Not Out... xxx

  15. Oh it looks lovely!

    And I can so relate to your woes - I have a huge mop of natural curls, liable to frizz up at the slightest hint of humidity!

    I *hate* hairdressers though - had a bad experience when I was about 8, just before going back to school, a hairdresser cut me a big chunky fringe - which promptly curled up into peculiar little ringlets as soon as my hair dried - horrendous! I looked like a mushroom for months & haven't been to a salon since!

    So now I have really long hair that I'm way to scared to cut, and wouldn't really want to anyway, cos on a good day, I do love it.
    I just wish there were more good days!! :P

  16. It looks great! Lots of 'shaping' as hairdressers like to call it. I had mine done today complete with 'shaping'. When I got home again my husband said 'why's it so flat?' and my 3 year old said 'I liked the haircut you had before'. Children are such confidence boosters.

    Hair history - what a great idea.

    There's a meme for you at mine!

  17. Kim, that's a great idea. I'll try to find a photo of the most extreme style from each decade!
    Glad you like the 'do' x

    Maternal Tales, thanks :-) I have straighteners, but am too lazy to use them. I will keep this one, I'm still pleased with it, although every time I catch a glimpse of my self in the mirror I wonder who the woman with the fringe is?!
    Thanks for remembering who wrote the hair post x

    Leslieanne, thanks :-) Wow, I thought avoiding the hairdresser for 8 months was bad enough. Your hair must be sooo long. I'm glad you have good hair days too x

    Whistlejacket, I'm sure your looks lovely, especially with 'shaping'! Thanks for the meme, that was really kind of you. I have already done it, but will be adding your name to it on my virtual mantelpiece too x

  18. Great! What a difference a haircut makes to how we feel. I'm off to the hairdresser's on Wednesday, wondering whether to have something new.......

  19. Working Mum, it does feel like I've had a weight lifted from me! Good luck at the hairdressers x


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