4 August 2009

Presley in Shoplifting Shocker!

Yes, it's true. My son is a shoplifter! Oh the shame...

We went to our local hardware shop today to buy a feather duster. I mentioned in my last post that my Mum is coming to stay. Well, she doesn't like spiders, so I thought it was about time I tackled the cobwebs!

I love my local hardware shop. The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. They sell everything. If I go in with a vague description of what I need they always sell me the correct item. I'm always tempted to ask if they have fork handles, but I'm guessing they've heard that one before.

I'd parked the boys as far away from the shelves as possible, this is tricky with a tandem pushchair in a tiny shop! The shop keeper had sold me a blue feather duster and he had even put a carrier bag over the end to stop it getting wet in the summer rain. Don't worry, I will re-use the carrier bag!!

Off we went on our merry way. We hadn't gone far when I heard a strange banging noise from the front of the pushchair. I went to investigate and found Presley cuddling his bounty: a massive wooden coffee canister. He was banging the lid on the canister, as they do. I told him he mustn't take things from shops and turned the pushchair around.

The shop keeper was standing in the doorway waiting. Luckily he had a big grin on his face. He said he had noticed it was missing. I prised it away from Presley and gave it back with my apologies.

Off we went again. After a short walk I thought I'd better check on Presley. I was about to give him another speech about how shop lifting was naughty behaviour, but he looked up at me and beamed. He looked so pleased with himself that I beamed back.

Get something useful next time Dodger!



  1. At least you gave it back! I accidentally stole some fish from local supermarket last year (I blogged about it). I was distracted by the boy and put it in my bag without thinking. The shame, humiliation and I could hardly blame the boy could I.
    So far, toddler boy has only managed to steal things form his friends houses, I have to keep doing a sweep of his pockets. He came home with a pocket full of ELC money the other week!

  2. Thanks for the amend Sandy! Anyway, as I was saying . . . oh no, I've forgotten! Let's just say it was wise, and pithy and incredibly funny!

  3. Oh no, what a funny thing to take!!! My youngest took one of the lip balm sized tins of vaseline from under the till in Boots yesterday but luckily I spotted it before we left... she looked very pleased with herself!

    Mel xxx

  4. Criminal behaviour at such a young age. You better watch out.

    Last week, my daughter left a toy in a shop. I noticed it was missing after a while, and asked her where it was, but all she said was that it was at the cash register. I found it on one of the bottom shelves at Waterstones. She's only twenty months, I suppose all shop furniture is a cash register to her.

    It would be more use if she actually took stuff from shops.

  5. So funny! Good job you noticed the 'theft' quite quickly. Banging it wasn't very serrupticious was it?!
    I once left John Lewis' with some socks and was half way down the mall before I realised I would have to go back to pay for them. Oops!

  6. Oh dear, we've done that too.
    I've also done it by putting bits on the pushchair and then realising later that they're still there unpaid four shops later. Nothing more embarrassing than trying to sneak back in, hoping the alarms don't go off to sneak the goods back on the shelves.

  7. LoL - lucky u were honest, as they had already guessed ur little ones newest skill ;o)

  8. Oh how funny!! My little sister used to do that all the time, we had to check when we got to the tills!! and my mum once walked out of a shop with a pack of nappies hanging on the buggy' handles that she forgot to pay for, she ran all the back to the shop scared that the police we're going to get her! x

  9. That's excellent! Don't be too hasty though - this natural ability of his could prove to be extremely advantageous. Maybe take a trip to Boots and see if he can reach the expensive face cream shelf?

  10. LOL .... a coffee canister! Bless him!

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  12. When I was a little baby I could barely walk and I stole a huge bag of oranges from the Supermarket..my parents couldn't believe that such a little baby could make it up to the parking lot...

    Great Blog
    Street Art & Graffiti Blog

  13. A boy after my own heart -- somewhere to keep my beloved coffee!

  14. We have had the same thing happen to us a few times, drinky cups, chocolate and random things. I always panic when i find that they've took something becuase i happen to work at the company that we go shopping at arggggggghhh!

  15. LOL Yes we have had a few shop lifting experiences , i have never had the courage to take it back though... and its never anything we actually want or need

  16. Zooarcheologist, I think if I hadn't taken it back the shopkeeper may have chased me down the road! I think you'll have to tell him the difference between real and toy money, but he's on the right lines!

    Chrisandharvey, after all that fuss too ;-)

    Mel, at least that was useful! x

    Mwa, yes, she hasn't quite worked it out yet. In the case of shoplifting it is better to receive than to give! :-)

    Rachel, thank goodness he did make a noise, I wouldn't have enjoyed getting a tap on the shoulder!

    Chic Mama, I'm glad it's not just me. I don't like to put too much in a shopping basket if it's perched on the pushchair, so I always put heavy items underneath the pushchair. I've only forgotten to pay once. They were very understanding in the supermarket!

    Mummy Whisperer, these toddlers learn something new every day!

    New Mummy, I do worry about forgetting to pay for things, especially with my 'baby brain'!

    Hot Cross Mum, coffee canisters? Pah, I'm taking him to the Clarins counter next!

    Mrs OMG, he looked so pleased with himself!

    Nadine, thank you! I've sent you an email :-) x

    Daniel, welcome! Good work there with the oranges. Off to check out your blog :-)

    A Modern Mother, it was only a wooden one. I'll take him to John Lewis next time!

    Amy, oh dear, how embarrassing. At least they know you and your girls. Can they get me a bar of Green & Blacks please, any flavour?! :-)

    Laura, what a shame they took useless stuff! You've got to have eyes in the back of your head! :-)

  17. Oh how funny! Not for you, obviously, but bless him! At least the man in the shop was understanding - probably happens more often than you think :)

  18. We went to Tesco to get some bits for a little picnic, and I thought him indoors had bought himself a Lucozade. Chrissy had hold of it (she has an aversion to Tesco, always screams so we give her something to hold) and had dropped it on the floor so I chucked it in my bag.
    I then got to the park and handed out the various Sarnies and crisps, and gave the drink to Ed, who asked had I paid for it! Little madam had nicked it, and luckily for me the alarms hadn't gone off-can you imagine the shame of being collared for pinching Lucozade.
    Little minx.

  19. Ha!

    The Artful Dodger has a rival!

    Olly still nicks stuff now....much to my shame. Presley will grow out of it.


  20. Bless those boys of yours, another one for the memory books and wedding speeches! Blame the tandem pushchair and the small shop! Cx

  21. LOL! My son has attempted to snaffle various items of booty too, all attempts thwarted so far :).

  22. Here I am popping on to your blog as a new visitor hoping to see butterflies and buttercups and I get The Two Ronnies and theft.

    I love it. More please! :)

    Lovely to 'meet' you Sandy.

  23. Leslieanne, yes, as you can see from everyone's comment, this happens a lot! x

    Claire1982, how funny! Next time push her down the wine section? :-)

    RM, it's hard to stop those grabbing hands! x

    TRJ, hi and thanks :-)

    Claire L, oh yes definitely one to embarrass him with in the future!!

    Insomniac Mummy, well done you! You needs eyes everywhere :-)

    Linda, lovely to 'meet' you too. I can't promise the quality of The Two Ronnies everytime, but I'll do my best! x

  24. Hee, hee, funny story - although not so funny for you when it happened, I'm sure!

  25. Ella, I did see the funny side eventually!!

  26. Space Nk has lots of lovely sparkly packaging and when I lived in Shoreditch I would frequent the one in Broadgate with Miniminx in a 3 wheeler buggy - one day she kept saying 'let's go-let's go-let's go'. I got home to find some sparkly nail polish and eye shadow. She had hidden it under her sheepskin seat lining. Hair bobbles came later, the Hula Hoops when she realised she could do a runner out of our local corner shop. She's grown very much out of that trick and wouldn't dare now tho - thankfully.

  27. Nixdminx, so you were the getaway driver? That's so funny, but I'm glad she's grown out of it now :-)


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