16 August 2009

Blogging With Integrity

Susanna, the founder of British Mummy Bloggers, has created a code of ethics for BMB members. You can read her post here.

I am happy to display the badge and subscribe to this code:

"The “British Mummy Bloggers Do It with Integrity” badge stands for blogging with principle. By displaying the badge you agree that you will:
  • Make transparent any relationships with products or companies;
  • Clearly label advertising, advertorials and/or sponsored posts;
  • Always write truthfully about a product or company;
  • Observe intellectual property rights."

It's common sense really.

I haven't written a review yet on my blog. The only time I have raved about a product is in my post Designer Dishwasher. I showed photographs of the apron I had bought and mentioned the designer who made it for me. I also stated that she was a friend of mine. You can't get much more transparent than that.

So who is the code aimed at? I read a lot of blogs and some feature reviews. I don't recall a review that was masquerading as something else. I like reading reviews, but I haven't read one that made me want to buy the product. We're all intelligent enough to make up our own minds. In fact, most of the reviews I have read are honest, they contain positives and negatives.

I find it amusing that companies want to send me free stuff. I had no idea mummy bloggers were so influential! I am currently reading a book that I will review. I also have the Carex 'press' pack(!), a brief review will follow when I get a minute. As far as I'm concerned it's all writing practice, but I am discerning as to what I accept. I certainly don't feel like a patsy, selling my blogging soul for a few quids worth of booty.


Now is probably a good time to mention that I write reviews for the Great Toy Guide. This is a separate activity from my blog, although if it wasn't for blogging, and BMB, I would not have been in a position to participate. So far I have reviewed a couple of toys that we already owned. I have now received a couple of new toys to review. We get to keep them, and that's lovely.

I think the Great Toy Guide is a fantastic website and is a resource that we can all use. Honest toy reviews, written by parents for parents. Have a look if you like :-)


Finally, huge thanks to a lovely new blogger, Whistlejacket for passing on the Meme award to me. Please visit her blog Babyrambles and say hello.



  1. Great badge & great post. I have added this to my new, soon tobe launched blog!!

  2. Well said, and couldn't agree more. I do the odd review, but I always warn the people involved that I will be brutally honest, a sort of "beware all those who venture here" thing! Whether I got something for free or got paid for it (although that hasn't happened yet) if its crap its crap, and it would be unethical of me to rave about it and let other parents be out of pocket on my say so.

  3. Thanks for commenting yesterday - your ex sure does sound like a charmer hehe. Totally agree as i said yesterday, the great toy guide is fab and i'm so proud to be part of it and a blogger too. And a few freebies here and there are a great bonus :)

  4. Thanks for the mention! A good post. I've added the badge too although as a blogging newbie I haven't given much thought to reviewing yet. When I get round to it will be asking for tips!

  5. Mrs OMG, thanks! Ooh, a new blog, how exciting!!

    Claire, thanks. That's a good idea to warn the company that you will be brutally honest. Wouldn't it be lovely to get paid for blogging? In my dreams!

    Wife of Bold, your post did make me laugh! I totally agree. We have a lot to be proud of :-)

    Whistlejacket, you're welcome. Have you joined the Parent Reviewers and Freebies groups on BMB? That's where I found out about the book, the Carex and the Great Toy Guide!

  6. Good post.

    And just in case you aren't awarded out, there's an award for you at mine. x

  7. Fraught Mummy, thank you very much! x


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