17 August 2009

Change Your Nappy and Other Modern Classics

Image courtesy of Babyworld

One of our favourite songs at Sing and Sign is 'Change Your Nappy', sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.

These are the official words:

Change your nappy, change your nappy,
carefully, carefully,
throw it in the dustbin, throw it in the dustbin,
now you're clean, nice and clean.

I'm amazed I can remember the official words after Andy made up his own:

Change your nappy, change your nappy,
cos it stinks, cos it stinks,
lob it in the landfill, lob it in the landfill,
for a thousand years, a thousand years.

I prefer this version!

Andy makes up songs for most baby-related activities. The boys love them and so do I.

There is the classic foot washing song:
Feet feet, nice and neat, keep them clean so they smell sweet.

The dressing song:
Dancing babygro, dancing on your nose, dancing on your toes, dancing babygro.

The bath time song:
Washing the baby's bits and pieces, washing the baby's balls,
washing in all those awkward creases, washing the baby's smalls.

And who could forget his mathematician's reworking of Five Little Ducks:
n little ducks went swimming one day, over the hill and far away,
Mummy duck said "quack quack quack quack", n-1 little ducks came back.

All together now...



  1. Ha! Fabulous! My favourite is the second one. Brill RMxx

  2. Wouldn't life be dull if we didn't all change words to the old songs?

  3. There really ought to be a green version of the nappy song by now..On second thoughts, it'd probably take too long to sing!

  4. You're a creative family, I think I might learn a few of those!

  5. Awww- I used to make up songs for the children all the time, unfortunately the baby doesn't like me singing to him???

  6. I'm a mathematician, too, and I love the n-1 ducks! Brilliant!

  7. Great post. We have lots of little songs in our house. Some that my wife got mad that I taught our kids.

  8. Yep, love the second song - very funny. Third pic a bit dubious!!

  9. How inventive - in our house we just add the odd word in here and there to mix it up a bit - i think with your husbands lyrics your boys could be the next big thing to hit the music scene in another 15 years time haha

  10. I love this new take on old classics!

  11. RM, glad you like it! x

    Claire1982, it would! :-)

    The Dotterel, there are some alternate words at Sing and Sign. The smug sing 'throw it in the washbin'!

    Whistlejacket, feel free to use any of these that apply!

    Chic Mama, oh what a shame your baby doesn't appreciate your singing.

    Mwa, he was quite pleased with that one!

    Themommydaddy, luckily ours haven't sung them back to us. They would rather sing traditional nursery rhymes!

    Maternal Tales, thanks! OMG I hadn't scrutinised the pictures. Must be applying cream. Eek!

    Wife of Bold, Andy would be delighted if they were interested in music (and good at it too)! As for me, I suppose I could put up with screaming girls camped outside the gates of our mansion!!

    Woman at Work, thank you :-)

  12. LOL, so I'm not the only one who's husband makes up little songs!!

  13. Ever since I read this post I have been singing songs to the tune of Frere Jacques making them up as we go along! They always start Piran Cheesley, Piran Cheesley.....

    He loves it.

  14. Clare, that's exactly how I felt!! x

    Kelly, his name fits so well in that song! You've just reminded me about the song I sing to Cash to the tune of Iggle Piggle's song from ITNG "Yes my name is Cashy Washy..."! I'm glad Piran loves you singing to him x


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