13 October 2011

Review: HOP on iTunes

The boys have been ill and off nursery recently, so when we were given the chance to download the Easter Bunny film HOP via iTunes we jumped at the chance. Downloading the film is as easy as buying anything from iTunes, but it takes longer (80 minutes, which is fine, it runs in the background and my laptop operated at normal speed throughout).

We snuggled on the sofa with the laptop balanced on a side table. The quality of the downloaded film was excellent.  Unlike online streaming, which can stall, the film ran as if you were watching a DVD. I liked that there was no whirring sound that you get playing DVD's.

If we had an HDMI cable we could have watched our downloaded film on our HD-TV. As they are only a few pounds we will get one, but even so it was cosy watching via the laptop.

The film was entertaining, but there were a few scenes of 'mild peril' that were a bit much for my four year old. The three year old wasn't bothered, I'm guessing because he hadn't understood what was happening. The children preferred the CGI over the live-action scenes. There were a few very good gags, a couple of star cameos and enough to hold my interest. There was only one scene that was entirely unnecessary and that's the one at the Playboy Mansion. This is a certificate U film and I found the use of the phrase 'sexy bunny' objectionable. Apart from that, it's a good film.

I wouldn't have considered downloading a film before this, but I would do it again. It was easy and faster than a trip to the shops. At £9.99 a download easily competes with a DVD in terms of price. All new titles are available on DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, Sky Box Office, TV Vision and BlinkBox! Get me, I'm down with the kids!

Disclosure: we received two films from iTunes, HOP goody bags for the boys and wine and chocolates for us. I'm amazed the wine and chocolates arrived unharmed, as the delivery person dropped the package over our six foot gate while we were out. Thorntons get 10/10 for packaging!


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