14 October 2011

Freaky Friday: on the Pier

I think these are supposed to be monkeys.

Lordy, they're freaky.

They're on one of the children's rides on St Anne's Pier on the Fylde coast.

These poorly painted creatures have never put off the boys. After a morning on the beach and fish and chips for lunch, they love to spent our hard-earned 50p's on the pier rides.

Even though we have now moved down South, we still visit the tiny seaside town with its noisy pier.

These rides are sedate and quite charming really. In a few years Presley and Cash  won't want anything to do with Puffin' Billy or the freaky monkeys. I'm feeling nostalgic for them already.



  1. Ha! Monkeys with a mullet!! I bet they've been there since the 80s when that hair was fashionable.

  2. Rosie, I think you've got that spot on! In fact, I had hair like that in the 80's *cough* x


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