6 October 2011


Every day 127 people are diagnosed with breast cancer.


Do me a favour, would you? Check your breasts now. I don't care if you're on the train or at the school gate. Just check them. Thank you.

Now I can tell you about last night's Breast Cancer Care Show 2011 at the Grosvenor House Hotel. It's a charity fashion show where all of the models are breast cancer survivors. One of the models was television host Trisha Goddard.

This was my third time at the Show. The first time was in 2006. That year I went a little bit crazy with my credit card and won the 'Romantic' auction lot. Last night it was great to catch up with Jon and Rachel from Jon Dibben. Jon and his team designed and made my stunning engagement and wedding rings. If you're looking for a special piece of jewellery, Jon's your man.

I went with my best friend, Amanda, who was a model in the 2009 Show. Here she is last night with the very lovely Lisa Snowdon.

There were a few other celebrities knocking around. The night was hosted, brilliantly, by Arlene Phillips.

This is the fabulous Vanessa Feltz with her daughters, Saskia and Allegra. Vanessa and her partner did a splendid job running the Heads and Tails game.

Bernie and Linda Nolan were very funny hosting the Lock and Key game.

There was also entertainment from Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Virshilas and her partner, Klaus Kongsdal.

The real stars, however, were the models. It was a moving night, full of inspirational stories. Times are hard for charities, but people were generous again last night - the room was full. Breast Cancer Care provide such a vital service. They are there for the 127 women and men diagnosed today, tomorrow and every day.

Go on, have a feel for me.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month




  1. 127 - that staggers belief

    Off to check now and to nag Mr to have a grope himself

  2. My mum had breast cancer diagnosed last year. Her lump could not be felt, not even by her surgeon.

    So if your over a certain age, make sure you attend all your appointments dont "just" rely on self examination.

  3. Get you, and your glamourous parties!
    Fantastic post, off to have a feel :)

  4. You look fantastic and what a great cause. Thanks for the reminder x

  5. Just copped a feel, and you're absolutely right to give such a timely reminder. And good advice from Kylie, too. What a glamorous evening, you lucky thing!

  6. fab post and glad you had a great night. Have checked as I had a lump whilst pregnant with my middle one but luckily was nothing. Thank you for the prompt!

  7. GREAT post, have felt myself up & I liked it! I blame you! x

  8. Thanks for the reminder. Great post.

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. So glad you're all feeling yourselves up for me!

    I guess this month is all about awareness and having all available scans (thank you, Kylie, I do hope your mum is recovering well x).

  10. Unfortunately I have known several people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer but luckily each one of them have fought the cancer and survived... but not everyone can be that lucky, thank you for highlighting


  11. Boo, it's a terrible disease, but the earlier it is caught, the sooner it can be treated. Thanks for commenting x


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