26 October 2011

Pampers and UNICEF 1 Life 1 Vaccine Campaign

I was invited to the UNICEF HQ in London last week to find out about the Pampers 1 Life 1 Vaccine campaign.

While I was there I asked this question:

Why doesn't Pampers just make a donation to UNICEF, why do we have to buy special packs of Pampers?

This was the response:

UNICEF can not afford the reach that the link with Pampers gives them. They could not afford the repeated messaging about the Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT) campaign. Pampers are putting UNICEF into people's homes. They are raising awareness at local, national and global levels, placing MNT on the world's agenda. Yes, Pampers are a huge brand and they also get good PR along with their donation.

I was satisfied with this response and amazed to discover how successful the campaign had been since it started in 2006. MNT has been eliminated in Myanmar and Uganda. It is expected that seven more countries will follow in 2011.

Even so, a baby still dies every nine minutes from Tetanus. Can you imagine if there was a chance that could be your baby? It doesn't bear thinking about. Every mother wants the best for their child. UNICEF are trying to reach every mother, by any means possible. They are targeting the hardest to reach, the most vulnerable.

Tara visited some of those hardest to reach and spoke passionately about her trip. She said:

"Why should we, as a human race, ignore these children because they are hard to reach? They are children just like ours. Their mothers care for them just as we care for our children. Why wouldn't we help them?".

So, what can we do to increase the amount of vaccines that Pampers pay for?

All the information is available at Pampers Village. Please go there and read a story, like the Facebook page, download the app and buy the specially marked packs of nappies and wipes if you can. If you buy the nappies and wipes via Ocado they will donate additional vaccines too.

Thank you for reading.




  1. Lovely post, Sandy. xx

  2. Gosh, I've never thought about it like that before. What a great campaign. If I can do anything to help then please pass my details on to Unicef or Pampers xx

  3. Rosie, thank you :-) x

    Emma, thank you, I've passed your details on x


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