27 June 2011


This weekend I went to Cybermummy.

I'm still recovering. Yes, there was wine. Yes, I drank on an empty stomach. But I'm not talking about a hangover, although I will admit to being rather jaded. I'm still feeling overwhelmed and a little unsettled. It was all a bit much for me.

I think the conference was too big, there was too much going on, it was too commercial. I felt I had to get my passport signed by every PR and was disappointed that I had spent time on this and missed most of the sessions - particularly the time management one!  I would have preferred to pick and choose which brands I spoke to (mainly my sponsors, LEGO Duplo, my friends at Three and Leapfrog and also Johnsons - I loved their recycling initiative - and the new Crocs were a pleasant surprise). The PGUK recharge room was a great idea though and I loved my massage. Looking at the photographs of me on the day I really should have asked this guy to do my hair!

The day was bustling and busy and there was simply not enough to eat. I liked the lunch, but would have preferred to sit down to eat. I would also have liked something in the evening, a sandwich would have been enough to line my stomach!

I'm sorry if this sounds negative because I mostly did have a wonderful time. There were many highlights.

I adored catching up with old friends and making new ones. I love it when you just get on with someone so well that conversation is easy.

My Meet, Greet and Eat party went well, I even had my own Twitter hashtag for the night!

I got to meet Sarah Brown again. I loved her keynote speech. She spoke passionately about the power of social media. I am looking forward to reading her (signed) book.

The crowd-sourced keynote was an amazing celebration of blogging. What a wonderful collection of warm and witty writers. I had the honour of speaking last year and enjoyed relaxing in the audience this time, even though Nickie made me blub.

The Blognonymous team met for the first time. We had our long-awaited group hug. It was emotional.

The vlogging session was fantastic and it was great to finally meet Nick. I was inspired to take some video on Saturday night. Sadly must of it can not be used, this is a family blog after all! I will try to edit out all of the 'toys' and see if there's anything I can publish. Tears squirted out of my eyes last night, I cried with laughter watching it back.

In summary, I feel better for finally writing this post. By focussing on the positive, by looking at the photographs and by remembering all of the wonderful conversations with friends I have realised what Cybermummy meant to me. It was a chance to step out from behind the laptop, to connect with my online support group and to develop real life friendships. This is what I will take away with me.

Oh and I did some arts and crafts with Jay. Ooh la la ;-)



  1. It was so great to see you again this year!!! Hope you weren't startled by my nightgown when you returned Amy's purse!!


  2. Sandy, as always, it was brilliant seeing (and scaring) you. You are a very kind soul and one of the lovliest people I have ever met. Looking forward to seeing you again soon hopefully!

  3. Kat, were you being scary again? Tsk.

    It was lovely to see you again, but I didn't get nearly enough time to chat - there was a lot going on, I agree, and the people were what made it special.

  4. Great round-up of the day Sandy - and it was so great to see you again and have time for a chat. I love your photo of Paula, Gigi and I "In the Powder Room" - (but if anyone makes a comparison with the 3 witches in Macbeth, I'll 'ave 'em).

  5. Kat (from the Bungalow), you too, and no, I wasn't startled, I was still drunk! x

    Kat (HC), thank you for threatening to duff me up and for being a complete love all at the same time. Hope to see you again soon x

    Sally, that is so true. Good job there were plenty of special people there x

    Di, I'm so glad we got to chat again this year and the photo of you three in the powder room is one of my favourites from the day x

  6. I'm so glad that we had time to hang out together......even if it was drunk as usual ;-) Will definitely be down to visit soon!! Hugs xxx

  7. It was great to see you again - for me it was about meeting people, I had a ball chatting and catching up and would do that again in an instant. The rest of it was a bit overwhemling and underwhelming and I'm not sure added much for me

  8. Sandy as ever it was delicious seeing you but my goodness the time went far too quickly, hardly time to swing a bag of nappy wipes frankly. Big kiss and thanks for taking that shot - mine were beyond terrible. All these photos are a brilliant way to remember the day though - well done you!

  9. You were one of my highlights honey! Xx

  10. It was great to meet you Sandy and thanks for hosting the party

  11. I saw your feet in one session :), and I said hello so briefly. It was rather mad and exhausting and I came out wishing I had done things differently at times (the benefit of hindsight!) But it was great to be part of something bigger, I definitely got a sense of that.
    Lovely photos!

  12. What fab piccies..I wish I took more, I always forget to get my camera out! So lovely to see you again, if only for a brief hello and hug :-) The day was so manic but great fun! xxx

  13. Ha ha - I totally forgot about that pic!! xx


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