21 June 2011

Meet, Greet and Eat

I've organised a party in London for Cybermummy Eve. I've called it Meet, Greet and Eat. It has sold out.

I can't tell you how stunned and flattered I am that people want to come (and have sent me cash!). I already know some of the bloggers who are coming, we've either met before or are virtual friends, but there are a fair few that I didn't know of until they contacted me. I now have a load of new blogs to read.

My reason for organising a party? I wanted to have something to do on the night before Cybermummy that didn't centre around me sat alone in a hotel room in my pants, eating biscuits.

So who am I meeting, greeting and eating with? Here's the full list of blogs, some new, some old, all fabulous:

Not Supermum
Jam and Clotted Cream
Adventures of an English Mum
The Five F's Blog
Cherished By Me
Mum in the Sun
Savette Gazette
SFR Product Reviews
Childcare is Fun
Emma and Three
Sell it Baby UK
(Mostly) Yummy Mummy
Knees Up Mother Brown
Mummy Loves...
Play Activities
Mummy Musings
Momma on the Rocks
Inside the Wendy House
Baby Born Free
Multiple Mummy
And 1 More Means Four... And 1 More
Making It Up

Wow, that was a marathon session in adding links! Please click on them, make it worth my while.

There's no real structure to the evening, no formalities, no dress code, no pressure. We're just going out for a friendly, relaxed, fun meal. There will be wine, but we won't be dancing on the tables. No, we won't! We've all got a busy conference ahead of us the next day. Having said that, I will be taking sunglasses, water, ibuprofen and Berocca with me - just in case.

I know there are a few people who missed out on getting a ticket, I am sorry I couldn't accommodate everyone. Maybe I'll do it all again next year...



  1. I am so excited about meeting everyone!!! X

  2. Thanks, Sandy! Will have to set aside an evening to read all the blogs I don't know already. Can't wait to see you all.

  3. What a list! See you Friday x

  4. Looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone. X

  5. Wow, go you!! Thanks so much for organising it. Don't forget your spreadsheet - someone WILL forget what they've chosen mealwise. Always happens. Stat.

  6. Wow - that's fab Sandy. Do you have room for a little one if I can pop by?

  7. Think that's a great way to do it - looking forward to the evening as well as the day after now :)

  8. can't wait to meet you all see you soon xxx

  9. Hooray! So looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks Sandy for being such a star! x

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