4 July 2011

So I say thank you for the goodies...

When I decided to organise a little pre-Cybermummy meal, called Meet, Greet and Eat, I had no idea that it would take over my life for a few weeks.

As well as trying to keep track of who was interested, who had paid and what they wanted to eat, I also decided to put together some little goody bags. We all like freebies and I was surprised by the amount of stuff I took home from Cybermummy 2010. In the spirit of this I wanted my party-goers to have something to take home too.

I'd bought some small gift bags and was on the lookout for little gifts to put in them when I noticed a few PR emails in my inbox offering products to review. I decided to be brave and tell them about my party and ask for vouchers or small samples for my goody bags. The response was pretty good. Some people even offered freebies when they heard about the party.

One of the lovely bloggers who was coming to the party asked if she could hand out flyers from her sponsor, the wonderful Nic from Sell it Baby, at the party. I agreed and so Simone, from SFR Product Reviews, and I began emailing each other. She asked if she could add some samples to the bags and the whole thing just got bigger and bigger and bigger.

As you can see from the photo there was an awful lot of swag to take to the restaurant. Both Simone and I developed huge arm muscles from carting everything to London on the train and it took six of us to put the bags together!

Now I have a few thank you notes to write.

Firstly, the bags were provided by the team behind one of my favourite websites In The Powder Room. Yes, we had their coveted SWAGbags.

Tesco Compare Home Insurance treated us to some hand-made and individually decorated cookies. They even had a sprinkling of edible glitter on them.

Fly Thomas Cook sent some lovely recycled hand-made wax crayons (shaped like aeroplanes) and some spot-the-difference cards to colour in to advertise their new kids' section.

John Crane Toys sent a brilliant ice-breaker game. Each correct answer wins a prize. Meet, Greet and Eaters: if you haven't entered the competition there's still time!

Avon, the company for women, sent eye care and eyeliner samples. I was disappointed not to be able to attend an event with Avon and Karren Brady, but this was some consolation.

Lambrini gave vouchers for a free bottle of wine. Lovely.

Culticura sent so many samples of their hand sanitising products and hand creams that I had to bring out my massive suitcase, the one I took on my three week honeymoon, to cart them all to London!

Scotch sent one of my favourite products ever, the pop-up tape handband dispenser. I bought one of these last Christmas and can't recommend them highly enough. No more looking for the end of the sticky tape with these babies!

Command sent a selection of their ingenious adhesive strips and hooks, which allow home lovers to decorate without the hassle of nails and screws. They are working with a team of interior design experts to create some top tips on refreshing your home using Command products. Check out some of their inspiring home transformations by visiting www.facebook.com/inspiringtransformations.

We were sent tubes of retro sweets from Chewbz. I got Love Hearts. We used these as wedding favours when we got married. Ahh.

Outstanding Branding sent super squidgy stress cows.

Green People provided loads of organic skin care samples.

Coiled Spring Games gave everyone a new toy. I got their best-seller, Story Cubes. I'll save them for the boys' birthdays.

Elegant Touch were kind enough to give everyone a set of false nails.

I think that's it. Thank you thank you thank you!




  1. It was am amazing goody bag and I loved everything that was in mine.....of course I only got to keep about 1/4 of it as Chick stole the rest away!!! I didn't even get a sniff of the biscuit!! Thanks so much for organising.....can't wait for next years ;-)

  2. Was a great goody bag! Particularly appreciate the Avon eye lift cream! Thanks again for organising a great pre-cybermummy party :)

  3. Thanks for organising it all Sandy, it was a great success. x

  4. Sandy, the whole evening was wonderful. It was great to meet you and all the other fab mummies who were there. Thanks for organising the meal and putting together the goody bags. I think the Powder Room Swag bag is up there with the pink CyberMummy one as my favourite from the weekend xx

  5. The Meet, Greet and Eat was a stroke of genius! You should franchise it for next year. Wonderful job, lovely meal and great to get to know a few new faces! ;)



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