15 February 2011


It never rains but it pours.

We think our dear little two year old, Cash, has chicken pox. This is on top of being very ill with suspected swine flu just after Christmas and a vomiting bug a couple of weeks ago.

I haven't really got much else to say. I'm just trying to get his temperature down at the moment.

*shakes fist at the universe*

Maybe we'll get to leave the house next week.



  1. Oh no sounds like you've had the same run of illness as all of us. 2 things I found were good - poxclin is designed for chickenpox in kids and cos it's foam it's a little easier to get them to have it on.
    Tesco's do a tea tree and witch hazel cream which is brilliant for everything.
    Also make sure you give him piriton regularly - stops the itching.
    Good luck- hope he has it easy

  2. Aw, poor thing. I feel itchy looking at that photo. At least with chicken pox it's good to get it "out the way" as young as possible. Sending get well soon vibes.

  3. So sorry to read this Sandy, you've really had a run of it recently. It's such an awful time of year for all these bugs.

    Hope he's not too itchy with it.xx

  4. Uggh! That is the one thing from childhood I remember fairly vividly. It is good that they get it out of the way now though.

  5. Oh no, wishing him well. You really have had a time of it lately haven't you. Take care. X

  6. There is so much illness going around here in Hertfordshire too. I am scared that my almost 2 year old will come down with the pox but I knoe he'll get it sooner or later. Cold compresses and sugar free ice lollies helped him drop his temp when it was up to 39. Keep us posted as to how he's doing xx

  7. Oh dear :(
    Hope he's feeling better soon xx

  8. Bugger :( looks like pox alright. Plenty of bicarb of soda in the bath and Eurax or camomile lotion for itch - plus jellies for when you are applying the lotion and chocolates for you for prevention of cabin fever. x

  9. Oh, the poor little man. It sounds like he needs a tonic? Get well soon Cash!

  10. The Moiderer, I thought of you as I remembered you had been through it too. Thank you for all the suggestions. x

    Photopuddle, so they say! Thank you for the get well vibes x

    Ella, you are so sweet to think of us when you have worries of your own, thank you x

    Gigi, yes, I'm sure I was at school when I had it x

    Cherished by me, thank you x

  11. Kate, thanks for the tips. I just wish they didn't have to have it at all :-( x

    Paula, thank you x

    Hot Cross Mum, good to hear that chocolates cure cabin fever! :-) x

    Cara, thank you. Yes, I think he must be run down x


  12. Mummymad, big fat hairy pants indeed x

  13. Oh no, poor little beastie. We used to use medised when my older ones had CP but it's only for over 6's now. Pity. I hope he's pox free very soon . ( Has your other son had it yet...?)

  14. Aww. Poor thing. Hope he's on the mend. Hopefully once this has passed he'll never get Chicken Pox again. It'll all be over. xx

  15. Oh no poor little thing I hope that he gets better soon xx

  16. Jacq, Cash is better, thanks, but Presley has it now x

    Rosie, thank you, we've been saying that once it's out of the way that's another thing ticked off! x

    Kerry, thank you, he's fine now x


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