11 February 2011

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

If you fancy a great family day out you could do a lot worse than go to the South Lakes Wild Animal Park. It has been free to enter all winter, for adults and children, but this offer ends on Sunday 13th February 2011. From then until Easter children go free.

The park is big enough to give the animals a bit of space, but small enough that you can walk round it with a 3 and a 2 year old in comfort all day. 

We met our friends and their almost 3 year old daughter, E, at the park and had a fabulous day.

To enhance your experience wear wellies and take a packed lunch. We didn't and it was rather muddy and exceptionally busy in the canteen. Also, get there early. Being a free attraction has made the park pretty popular.

I will never look at Todd, the mandrill from ZingZillas, in quite the same way after seeing one run across its pen to catch, kill and eat a live pigeon. I'll also never forget Cash saying 'that bird looks delicious'.

Presley was a bit scared of the large birds, such as swans and emu, running loose. He said 'I think they need a fence here, Daddy'. This peahen showed us what she thought of scaredy cats!

This lion was popular with my children, although E found him scary.

This is MY tree. No, it's MY tree. MY tree, etc.

Insert your own joke about horns here :-)

This is NOT a sponsored post, we just had a lovely time at the zoo and I wanted to share.



  1. What great pics!
    I have also heard good reports about this place, will definitely be taking a trip there this year. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Great pictures!

    Stopping by from:

  3. We go to South Lakes regularly and I love it - so much more affordable than Chester and has a lovely ethos, and story behind it. I love that the lemurs and other animals are free to roam, the kids get so much closer and you're right, it's small enough to be able to see everything comfortably in one trip.

  4. Sounds like a great day. I especially like the MY Tree pic. Are those Mere Cats? I love Mere Cats so will have to loo into taking a trip.

  5. Suzanne, thank you, we really enjoyed it x

    Stacey, thank you and thanks for stopping by x

    Sally, ooh, is that where you took the infamous monkey photo? x

    Lauren, these fellas were monkeys! :-) x


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