20 February 2011

Some People Just Can't Take a Joke

Seriously, some people just can't take a joke.

Take today, for example. We demolished an enormous Sunday roast in just 23 minutes. The roast potato tally was as follows:

Andy - 4
Me - 5 (to clarify, that was 3 large and 2 little)
Presley - 3
Cash - 2

As we all sat back, stroking our full bellies, I said to the boys:

Mummy and Daddy are going upstairs now for a sleep. Will you two stay down here on your own and be good?

I knew as I was saying this that they wouldn't get the joke. I hastily back-pedalled and said that I was teasing. We weren't really going upstairs, we were all staying downstairs.

Too little too late, Sandy. Too little too late.

Presley's mouth turned down at the corners, then he burst into tears. It wasn't a good joke, but it wasn't that bad!

It reminded me of another mealtime, this time just before Christmas. We were singing 'When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney'. On the fifth rendition Presley's face fell and he started to howl. He had taken the line 'you girls and boys won't get any toys' entirely literally. Poor little man.

I wonder when they begin to understand jokes?


Chicken pox update:

Thank you for all the get well wishes. Cash is a lot better and we can go out now his spots have crusted over. There was a hairy moment early on Thursday morning when he was having trouble breathing. Thanks to a wonderful out of hours GP, who quickly started treating his chest infection, we avoided hospital.

Of course we are now just waiting for Presley's spots to appear...



  1. Ohh bless like Presley. My girls do not get jokes yet either, they pull very serious faces and start to correct me. I could just imagine the answer to this scenario 'but we are little mummy and there has to be an adult with us!'

    Glad Cash is on the mend. We really need the CP to visit us, the girls are coming up 4 now and have still never had it.

    Mich x

  2. I am not sure when they stop taking things literally, but it is funny.

    Sorry about the pox and your Birthday etc. Hope to see you on Thursday

  3. Oooh I really hope the boys are better soon! I'm not sure what age they start understanding jokes but Chick has started saying 'You're being sarcastic aren't you'!!! Lol!!!

  4. It takes a while yet before they understand the concept of a joke. But once they do, they will begin to make up very weird and random things and call them jokes - and then wonder why you aren't laughing.

  5. Oh poor Presley.....mean mummy!
    But really....I loved the joke.
    My daughter is 7 and a lot of my jokes still go zooming over her head. :-)

  6. Nice example here. Yeah, little childrens are always on the right sides. They won't allow jokes, I mean they don't understand it the way we do. Even my youngest, she starts connecting his eyebrow when I say jokes to her and correct me. Little angles that always makes me happy.

  7. Same jokes here, same reaction. What is with our kids?

  8. Baba can't take jokes either can't wait till he can as hate that he doesn't get them. So glad that Cash is getting better xx

  9. Oh bless them. Sometimes I am mucking about being silly and it scares Piran and makes him cry, I always feel so bad!

  10. A good friend of mine (and I don't mean that in 'a good friend of MINE' sense ie not me - honest) got so sick of her daughter getting out of her bed that, after about the half dozenth (it that even a word?) time they hid!!! Poor mite stayed in bed at sleep time from then on. The funnest thing was that they had considered leaving their clothes in 2 piles on the floor (in a Wicked Witch of the West melted pile way) but thought this was a step too far...quite funny though ;)

  11. Mich, they'll get our jokes in the end! You're welcome any time for a pox party ;-) x

    The Mad House, it was funny, poor little man! x

    Emma, haha. One day soon I won't have to bite my tongue! x

    Gigi, yes, they already laugh at random words or actions! x

    Lulu, my jokes go zooming over the heads of all age ranges! x

  12. Kat, I know! x

    Kerry, thank you :-) x

    Kelly, I know, I hate making them cry! x

    Katherine, oh that's brilliant! x


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