16 September 2010

The Magical New Disney Store at Milton Keynes

Wow, just wow!

I was invited to take a sneak peak at the revamped Disney Store in Milton Keynes. Luckily Milton Keynes is sort of on the way home from Bognor Regis to Preston, so I was able to attend.

The store opened its doors yesterday. If you are anywhere near Milton Keynes, or even if you aren't, the new Disney Store is a must see. Disney have created a magical experience in their store with a high-tech makeover - the first of its kind in England.

I was a little cynical before I arrived (after all it's a shop, they want you to buy stuff), but after about thirty seconds in the store I was a little girl again. At one point I even clapped my hands in excitement.

The store has an opening ceremony where one lucky child gets to unlock the shop with a giant key. Once inside moving images are projected onto trees. Try to spot the Mickey Mouse sillouhettes. A sparkly path takes you through the store.

On your way you can enter a fairy princess castle. Wave a wand and the mirror magically comes alive.

Summon Tinkerbell by clapping, she will appear on the skyline.

One surprise was the events space that will host daily activities including an imagination parade, learning Hannah Montana dances, quizzes and animation classes. This Disney Store Theatre takes up a fairly large chunk of retail space, but totally enhances the store experience. Children can chose from over fifty cartoons to watch. If it's a special occasion, such a your birthday, you can pose for a photograph next to your name on the giant screen, accompanied by special music and fireworks.

At the end of the day there is a closing ceremony to complete the experience.

As you can tell, I was blown away.

The official opening of the Milton Keynes Disney Store takes place on 25th September. Join Paige O'Hara, the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Mickey and Minnie, Belle and the Beast and other favourite characters throughout the day.

Other news hot off the press is that there will be a new Disney Store opening at 350 Oxford Street, London in spring 2011.

You can keep up to date with Disney Store on Facebook and Twitter.

Huge thanks to Jonathan and Amy from Disney Stores and Emily from Taste PR for our exclusive guided tour, goody bag and vouchers.

I bought a Woody costume for each of the boys. Cute or what?!



  1. Very cute Sandy! Sounds like a fun time. And actually it does look a little magical. My two girls would love it! :)

  2. Sounds awesome! Chick would absolutely love it!

  3. Sound amazing, might have to pop over on the train.

  4. wow, Milton Keynes has come a long way (I'm from a town nearby!). I wonder if the SF store is as fancy? I'm tempted to go and check it out!

  5. Dave, it was magical, I was like a big kid! :-)

    Emma, Yep, the fairy princess castle is particularly suitable for girls!

    Alethea, hey, even if you don't like it, there's always John Lewis in MK!! ;-)

    Geekymummy, I know the LA store was first to be opened in June, but it could take a few years for all stores to be updated!

  6. I'm like that whenever I go into a Disney shop. I'm not overly keen on the majority of Disney films after Hercules but my heart definitely still belongs to the Disney of my childhood.

    I just wish that they had some Basil the Great Mouse Detective stuff on offer. It's my absolute favourite but I seem to be the only one. :(

    The one in Milton Keynes sounds pretty different from other Disney stores I've been in though. I haven't seen an events space in any others I've seen. It's a fantastic idea though. I'd probably be one of those embarrassing adults who was having more fun than the kids though. :P

  7. Nic, I felt the same when I walked in, all that Disney magic came flooding back! :-)


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