20 December 2011

Santa's Sack of Potatoes

Presley and Cash want bikes for Christmas.

The last time we went to Lancashire they rode their friend Evie's bike and loved it. A few weeks ago we measured them up for bikes and told Santa which ones they wanted *touches nose mysteriously*.

They also want toys and games and cars and trains and sweeties and so on. They understand that Santa only brings you presents if you are very very good.

What we have also told them is that Santa also has a sack of potatoes. Every time you do anything naughty Santa takes one of your toys away and replaces it with a potato.

Presley and Cash do not want to get potatoes for Christmas, so they are on their best behaviour (mostly). It's hilarious to watch them remember about the potatoes and stop fighting over toys.

Some may say it's manipulative lying and the worst parenting technique ever, but some days you'll do or say anything for a bit of peace and quiet!

We are so tempted to wrap up a couple of spuds and put them in their stockings...


For our other Christmas traditions head over to A Mother's Ramblings. Pippa kindly asked me to guest post for her. How could I refuse?!


My inbox is littered with unread press releases, but one caught my eye today.

For the person who has everything, why not get them a virtual gift for Christmas? Take a look at More Than a Gift from the charity for the young homeless, Centrepoint.


Merry Christmas x



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