12 December 2011

How to Make an Easy Christmas Wreath

This is my first ever attempt at making a Christmas Wreath. It was remarkably easy and I'm over the moon with the results.

I don't know what's come over me lately, but I've gone all crafty in my old age. I had high hopes for this wreath as I had spent weeks planning it. I even cut some of the evergreen a few weeks before to see how well it lasted. In fact, I was so confident I could make it that I took plenty of photographs for the blog!

Here is my step-by-step guide of how to make an easy Christmas wreath

You will need:
  • A willow circle (£4.99, Hobbycraft)
  • Florists' wire (75p, Hobbycraft)
  • Wired ribbon (£2.50, Hobbycraft)
  • Wired berries (£1.49, Hobbycraft)
  • Pine cones (£2.99, Sainsbury's)
  • Evergreen branches (free, our garden)
  • Scissors and secateurs (I didn't buy these especially!)

Step 1

Attach sprigs of foliage to the circle with florists' wire

Step 2

Make a bow using wired ribbon.

I practised first and then made the bow directly on to the wreath. Wired ribbon allows you to shape your bow.

Step 3

Add pine cones

I cheated and wired some pine cone decorations on to the wreath, but pine cones are easy to wire anyway and free if you know where to look.

Step 4

Add wired berries.

I twisted together a couple of the wired berries and pushed them into the wreath.

That's it!

If you make your own wreath, do let me know.




  1. Good one Sandy! I'm not the crafty kind either but I've been trying really hard recently. It feels good, doesn't it? xx

  2. That looks really beautiful. I have always wanted to make my own but, always thought it would be to tricky! You have given me the inspiration to give it a go. Thanks. x

  3. Mummy's Busy World, thank you! I'm enjoying it. I'm trying my hand at a few things, hoping to find something I'm good at! Hope you're settling in DC x

    Marvelous Mummy, good luck! I hope you enjoy making one x


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