7 December 2011


The theme for The Gallery this week is My Awesome Photo.

I'm rather proud of this one.




  1. Ooooh that's pretty. I love snow shots too,

  2. Beautiful shot. I love taking snow pictures- you get such beautiful sky against the white usually.

  3. Now THAT's what I call synergy, Sandy. Was checking out your photo at the same time you were looking at mine - what are the chances? Love this snowy shot - when was it you visited Moscow?

  4. Huh? Was that THIS year? Really must check the news more often... :-)

  5. Lovely. But let's hope there's none of that this year!

  6. I love it when the sky goes pinky it's kind of magical isn't it? Beautiful photo

  7. its soo difficult to capture snowy shots you have done so amazingly here :)

  8. That is so lovely and Christmassy! Love the colour of the sky x

  9. Oooohhh... it's amazing! I love snow, even i hate cold! This is the perfect picture to put in the warm living room during the Christmas dinner, maybe on the mantelpiece...Sounds good? I think i will do it! :) Thank you very much!

  10. Love snow. That's how we've looked all week. It's been great. x

  11. My favorite way to view snow - in a photo. Lovely!

  12. Actually Mummy, I have to agree, it makes my eyes go funny!

    Here Come the Girls, thank you :-)

    EmmaT, thank you, it's hard to take a bad shot when you've got white snow and a pink sky!

    Potty Mummy, spooky! Not Moscow, Preston!

    Met Mum, no, not yet, it's an old one, taken two years ago. I've decided I don't want any snow this year, I'll just look at this instead! x

  13. Mrs Teepot, it makes me feel cold to look at it!

    Rosie, absolutely, yes! x

    Mari, thank you, it is pretty when the sky does that :-)

    Laura, thank you :-)

    Sarah, aww, thank you :-)

  14. The Syders, thank you :-) x

    Cassandra, thank you very much :-)

    Susan, you can keep it! I'm shivering :-) x

    Jenn, yep, same here! :-)


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