16 September 2011

Freaky Friday #2

I've got another Freaky Friday for you.

This time it's a freak of nature.

I'd never seen anything like it.

Did you know that if you let ivy grow up the trunk of a dead tree, the ivy takes over and makes a new tree? No, me neither.

In our new garden we have an ivy tree.

From a distance it looks like a 'normal' tree:

But when you get up close:

The branches and leaves are all ivy.




  1. I bet that looks stunning in the winter when all the other trees have lost their leaves

  2. wow that is an impressive tree x

  3. Wow that looks great... I wonder what would happen if I let Ivy grow up a dead trunk here. First to find a dead trunk!

  4. Fascinating and educational too! Never seen anything like that before.

  5. I'm really shocked that you all seem to like my freaky tree! It reminds me of the Strangler Figs you see in the rain forest. It may not last the winter *revs up the chain saw* ;-)


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