18 September 2011

100 Words to Save the Children

The NHS in the UK is free at the point of need. Think about any time your child has seen a health worker. Perhaps it was a midwife or doctor at their birth. Maybe a health visitor checking their weight and offering advice when you were a worried new mum. They may have had their immunisations. Possibly they had something more serious and needed to go to hospital. Now imagine you live in East Africa and have no access to a health worker. None. No one at your birth, no one to to help you with your newborn, no one to immunise your baby against fatal diseases, no one. Imagine your child is ill and there is no one to help them. Heartbreaking.

These are my 100ish words.

I wasn't able to attend the Save the Children blogging conference yesterday, but I attended the last one in February. It was an inspirational day. I can see from my Twitter stream and Google Reader that this one was just as powerful.

I have been tagged by Ruth at Geekmummy to take some action, to echo the rallying cry. I have heard first hand from Chris Mosler about her experiences in Mozambique. She is currently in New York telling her story, making a difference.

What can we do? Make some noise for the Save the Children Health Workers campaign, write 100 words and sign the petition.

I am going to ask a few other bloggers to join in...
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And one more...
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If you haven't been tagged, but would like to join in, please join in. Let me know and I'll tag you too.




  1. This is a lovely post, a touch different from others I've seen but very good, perfect for the cause :o)

  2. Love in the nest, thank you and what a great cause it is x

  3. yeah its common in most of the African under developed countries, new born do not have any health facilities and its a big dilemma in such poor African countries. Every one should come forward and give their expertise in such health activities.

  4. was lucky enough to attend on Saturday - think I heard the guy in your picture speak, he was amazing.
    thanks so much for taking part

  5. Great 100 words, thanks for responding to the tag Sandy :)

  6. LTT, thank you for commenting

    Gemma, if it was the same guy he was a powerful speaker x

    Ruth, my pleasure x

  7. Thank you so much for adding your voice Sandy, I missed you last week! x

  8. Chris, my pleasure. So sorry I couldn't make it x


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