4 July 2011

1930's Housewife

I recently took part in a challenge set by Procter & Gamble. I was asked to attempt a day as a 1930's housewife, in the days before P&G.

It was quite a challenge. Mainly because the packages from P&G arrived at my old house on the day we were moving out! I was given everything I would need for my beauty routine, for entertaining the children and for cooking, washing and cleaning. I was also given a video camera to record my efforts and a bag of current P&G products as a comparison.

What I liked:

  • No television, no internet and no electronic toys. 
  • The boys loved playing with building blocks and they will always sit and listen to a story.
  • Having a bath instead of a shower, this made a pleasant change. 
  • The cold cream cleanser. Seriously, I think it smells wonderful and my skin felt soft after using it!
  • The food. I love butternut squash soup and the recipe I was given worked well.

What I didn't like:

Erm, everything else!

  • My poor hands were sore after handwashing* and washing up with grated soap and a wire scourer. 
  • The toothpaste was vile, I couldn't bring myself to use it.
  • I'll concede that vinegar and newspaper will clean a window, but everything takes so long.

*I don't normally do any handwashing. If it doesn't go in the washing machine I don't buy it!

I enjoyed the Life Before P&G Challenge, but was so happy to reacquaint myself with my dishwasher and washing machine.

The boys play at washing now. My tea towels have never been so pummeled!

Finally here is my 'hilarious' video.

Do not adjust your set:


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  1. This sounds like such a fun challenge, and I love your vlog!


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