4 February 2010

My Word!

I've been tagged by Claire at The Life of the Twenty Something Mum to come up with my word of 2010.

The word I have chosen is FOCUS.

I need to focus. I'm always flitting from one task to the next, rarely completing anything. If I'm online I tend to flick between Twitter, Facebook, my Google Reader, my site stats (I know I shouldn't look, but I can't help myself), my various email accounts, British Mummy Bloggers, Judith's Room, the news, the weather and anything else I'm currently distracted by. This takes up so much time, but I'm not doing anything productive.

In my free time there are jobs that I have to do (housework, paperwork, dentist appointments, etc.). I leave everything to the last minute. I make endless 'to do' lists. I copy tasks from one list to another. Eventually some become less important and fall off the list. I know I'm procrastinating, but I love making lists!

I also have several hobbies. I don't really like the word hobby, it's a bit twee. It's the things you list on application forms to make yourself appear interesting (job seekers please note: we all know 'socialising' as a hobby means you go down the pub a lot, this doesn't make you out-going, it makes you unreliable). I'll get off my hobby-horse now. Sorry, couldn't resist it.

So, my hobbies interests are: reading, writing, blogging, card-making, yoga, song writing and recording and fannying about on the computer. Unfortunately the last one eats into my evenings and takes up far too much of my precious me time. 

So, I need to FOCUS. I want to make the most of my free time and enjoy it more.

How do you focus? Do you allocate blocks of time to different activities? Do you go cold turkey and just turn the internet off for a while? All suggestions welcomed.

One final aspect of focus that is particularly important, I'd like only soft focus photographs of me from now on!

As usual I'm not going to tag anyone specifically (you know I hate to leave anyone out). Instead this is open to everyone. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments and I'll add your link here.

So, what shall I do next? I'll just have a quick peek at Twitter, then I'll phone the dentist!



  1. I hate the word hobby too. I hate the fact that people define you by what you do as a job which you are paid to do rather than what you do just for fun. Surely the way you spend your free time says way more about you.

  2. When you learn how to focus can you please tell me! I'm the same, I start so many things and never seem to finish them x

  3. What is the definition of focus please?

    I'm very much the same... currently I seem to be preoccupied by BMB, my blog, my site, the television... but I seem to struggle to get done what really needs to be done.

    I should be studying, but it's not happening as often as I'd like because I keep getting bored, and my mind goes a-wandering.

    I planned to start scrap-booking 700 of my photos, so ordered the prints, and the materials I needed.. they're now sat next to the chair taunting me.



  4. Oh i could *so* have written this post!
    Too many interestin pies for me to stick my fingers in = nothing actually getting *done*

    What I'm trying to do to fix it (plan is still in progress!), is to allocate one evening to one 'thing' each week. It's sort of working. Ish.

    Good luck with the focussing! xx

  5. Oh goodness I'm so rubbish at focussing on anything. I get bored way too quickly. I'm like you with the internet, terrible really. But I guess in another time we'd have been wasting our time on needlework or knitting. Frankly I'm impressed you have time to waste with your two! But your blog is great so it's not really wasting time is it? x

  6. I am a 'why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?' kinda gal. As a result I have various half-started things dotted around the house. At work I am a planner, time allocated to each task so I don't miss anything out so at home I seem to rebel. Fannying about it good for the soul.

  7. My word for this year is "fulfilment". There is loads I want to do this year and I'm so guilty of procrastination and writing lists that I never get to the end of so I have a few targets and I aim to complete by the end of the year, if not sooner.

    Good blog post, Sandy.

  8. I might have to do the fame I really like this idea

  9. do you know, i think I may adopt your word. I have been having just the same issues to the point that yesterday I wrote myself a little weekly calender slotting in time for all my stuff (including fannying about on the computer) but with time restraints so that I can fit a little of everything in rather than feeling overwhelmed by it all and not achieving anything.

    Today was the first day and it was incredibly productive!

  10. I think you've chosen a brilliant word.....and it's something that I think I've forgotten to do lately. And you're right - hobby is such a naff word!
    Good luck with persuing and focusing on your interests xxx

  11. Well you manage to be very productive, blogwise!
    I read this amazing book which has a tually helped me be more focused. It's caled getting things done, the art of stress free productivity by Paul allen, sorry no link, on phone. I'm not one for this type of book usualyy but this one may have changed my life a little!

  12. I think that work was really good. I think I shall adopt that word too, as someone said before in this comment section.

    I think your interests are so like mine! And I sooo agree with you o the last one!


  13. Photo Puddle, ooh, that's right. People rarely ask me what I did before I stayed at home with my children, I'm now seen as a SAHM. The way you spend people spend their free time fascinates me.

    New Mummy, I'll let you know! I'm thinking of allocating chunks of time to different things... x

    Beth, oh it's horrible having a pile of stuff staring at you! You could get that out of the way and then go back to flitting for a while?!

    Leslieanne, yes, that's my plan too. Good luck and let me know how you get on x

    It's a Mummy's Life, I wondered where that was going! Luckily my two sleep for 90 minutes after lunch and I have most evenings free too. I don't find blogging to be a waste of time, it's the surfing of the web that sucks the hours away! x

  14. Scribbling Mum, I was the same at work, never missed a deadline. At home I'm more relaxed! I love that 'fannying about is good for the soul'! :-)

    Nickie, yes, I like that word too. If you're doing something that's not fulfilling I guess it's time to stop. Good luck with your goals x

    The Mad House, go for it :-) x

    Heather, that's a great idea, let me know how you get on. I love that you've allocated fannying about time. Brilliant! x

    EmmyLou, thank you, I'l let you know how I get on :-) x

  15. Geeky Mummy, thank you for the recommendation. I found it on Amazon, it's "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. It's now on my wish list x

    Mel, great minds think alike x

  16. I have this problem, there is so much that I want to do and a million ideas in my head and I end up stuck in a paralysis where I have to sit and watch TV or go on Twitter because otherwise I panic.

    So, I am now trying to live by my new mantra:

    Do one thing, properly.

    So each day I have one thing that I complete, and I do not do anything else (within reason) until it is done.

    It is hard to stick to, but when I manage it I get a great feeling of accomplishment which is fabulous.

  17. Kelly, that's exactly what I've been trying to do and - so far - it's working. I make myself to one thing, even if it's a phonecall that I've been putting off, then I can go on Twitter or whatever. Flicking from one thing to the next is paralysing. Well put. x


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