23 February 2010


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There are many times during an average day when I want to escape.

Take this morning, for example, I needed to escape to the loo. Presley and Cash decided they absolutely had to come with me. I don't really need an audience to perform, but they refused to be left behind. I was, erm, doing what I had to do, when Presley pointed at my nethers and shouted 'NO NAPPY!'. Cash joined in with the pointing and shouting. Nice.

I wish Presley had been as quick to shout 'NO NAPPY!' when his own dirty nappy had somehow come undone later and worked its way down his trouser leg to his ankle. It looked like a soggy gym weight or a chunky single leg-warmer. It was so much fun cleaning him up, she added sarcastically.

This is why I need to escape.

There are three things I like to browse on the internet, always have done, and these are handbags, houses and holidays. I have spent many a happy hour planning a holiday, some of them I've even been on!

How lovely to spend a few minutes dreaming about holidays in Italy or holidays in Greece.

I am sitting by a sparkling swimming pool, having just ordered another fruity cocktail. Shall I have another swim or shall I rest my eyes for a while?

*cue the jarring sound of a needle sliding across a record*

Neither. No time for that now, I have to tidy away the lunch devastation. Once I've done that I'll have another sneaky surf and leave the page of my virtual brochure open for Andy to see...


  1. Ooo yes, a nice sunny holiday with a nanny to look after the kids so you can do your business in peace! Our first family holiday is going to be camping in Whitstable - top that for glamour, ha ha!

  2. a nice sunny holiday would be super sans kids would be brilliant! Fat chance of that though. sigh.

  3. You've got me thinking now - a nice holiday somewhere sunny sounds absolutely perfect!

  4. I know the feeling. I recently escaped to a health spa, well in my head at least. Did me the world of good!!

  5. Made Do Mum, ooh, taking a nanny along, that's a great idea! Enjoy your first family holiday :-)

    Heather, same here. Oh well, we call all dream!

    Tup Tup, I know, I torment myself with these things!

    Rosie, all the pleasure of the spa break with none of the washing when you get home!! x

  6. Ah yes, the joys of being regularly watched on the loo! I tell myself it'll help with toilet training - we shall see!

  7. A holiday would be lovely. We've not had one for a year now. I have exactly the same problem with the audience when using the toilet. Never a moment to yourself!

  8. Nice plan - leaving the webpage open - i might try it!

  9. Oh that looks lovely. I think that one or two weeks in the sun can do total wonders for your equilibrium - and then you can close your eyes every time you're feeling stressed and imagine yourself in that special place (that's what I do, anyway!)

  10. Photo Puddle, I wish I could agree, but I've got boys!! :-)

    Emily, if I do manage to sneak in alone one of them always starts screaming. It's good for the pelvic floor (who am I kidding? I just pee faster) ;-)

    Reasons, I hope it works for you :-)

    Liz, at the moment the best I can do is imagine a solo loo visit! :-)


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