15 February 2010

My Child

I'm not here today. Well, I am here, but I'm also elsewhere.

I was interviewed by www.mychild.co.uk and the interview has been published today. Eek!

You can read all about me, their new favourite mummy blogger(!), here.



  1. Brilliant, great interview Sandy. Blog looking tops too!

  2. Great interview Sandy. Love the names of your kids. Two toddlers. How do you do it?

    And I'm a fellow David Tennant fan.

  3. Lovely interview. I bet the boys keep you on your toes! And I fully understand the "i'll count to three" thing too. It's used far too much in our house as well(-;

  4. Love David Tennant. So cheeky.

    What a lovely interview, I really enjoyed it. Also, you blog is looking GREAT! xxx

  5. Brilliant! Just read it. David Tennant, hey?

  6. Oooo, well done you! Great interview!!

  7. Ooh, get you! How cool is that, congratulations!

  8. Can I have your autograph?
    I've been spotting Mummy (& Daddy) bloggers all over the place lately - great stuff!

  9. Great interview!! :) David Tennant does rock!!

  10. Hands off, Mr Tennant is mine ;)

    Lovely interview. There is an award for you over at mine.

  11. Linda, thank you. I'm finally pleased with it! x

    Deer Baby, thank you. How do I do it? Biscuits!!

    Tup Tup, thank you. Running round after two toddlers is hard work. I do a lot of counting!

    Fraught Mummy, I told OH I was joking about David! Thank you, on both counts. I loved your interview too. It's funny how we both say 'I'll count to 3'! x

    Working Mum, thank you. x

  12. Photo Puddle, thank you :-)

    Heather, I know, get me! Thank you x

    Make Do Mum, any time!! We get about a bit! ;-)

    Emma, I totally agree! x

    Muddling Along, thank you :-) x

    Kelly, I think there would be a big queue to fight over Mr Tennant! Ooh thanks for the award :-) x


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