22 March 2010

Happiness and The Secret Post Club

In case you didn't know, the lovely Heather from Notes from Lapland is running a Secret Post Club. Each month you are given the details of someone else in the club and you send them a gift, likewise each month someone sends you a gift. What a fabulous idea! It's not too late to join either.

I sent my recipient a gift at the beginning of March and I haven't heard whether she received it. I'm a bit worried it got lost in the post. Perhaps she hated it? Eek!

Anyway, I received my gift last week from the wonderful Susan K Mann. She sent me a lovely letter explaining each thoughtful gift. She sent me a memo cube, some bubble bath for sensitive skin, balloons and chocolate buttons for the boys (and me) and a book called Be Happy.

Be Happy. Yes! Life's too short to be miserable!

I love this quote from Be Happy. It's by Gretta Palmer and sums up the Secret Post Club for me.

"Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy"



  1. What a lovely quote and a lovely parcel to receive x

  2. Lovely post. :)

    Continuing with the happy theme you've been tagged over at mine : http://www.itsmygoodlife.co.uk/2010/03/happy-101-meme.html

  3. oh yeay! what a fab parcel. That chocolate is making me hungry...

  4. Aww thank you, I am so glad you liked it. I love giving parcels/presents, that is what makes me happy :) xx

  5. What a great parcel, looks lovely!
    Maybe I am your recipient, I am waiting patiently! Don't tell me though....am so excited!

  6. What a great parcel !

    Mine hasn't arrived yet this month and I'm hoping my postman hasn't lost it

  7. B, it was, it really put a smile on my face :-) x

    Beth, thank you and thanks for the tag :-)

    Heather, certainly is and the chocolate is mine mine mine! ;-)

    Susan, I loved it, thanks again x

    Baby Genie, Sorry, it's not you! Hopefully next time! x

    Muddling Along, that's the worry when you don't hear anything or don't receive anything! x

  8. Great swap items! Swapping is so much fun and Heather has come up with a wonderful idea :)

  9. Audrey, I'm loving the secret post club! :-)


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