5 March 2010

Guest Post Day - Baby Baby Welcomes Sam from Mumazing

Please give a warm welcome to my lovely guest for the day, Sam Thewlis from Mumazing.

Can I start by saying I am scared?

It is nervewracking enough agreeing to guest post on someone else’s blog, let alone a blog you know and read, so thank you Sandy for having me, and thank you also to Erica at Little Mummy for putting me through this!

Sandy and I decided that we wanted to both attack the same topic, and Sandy came up with the title of Perfect Moments. Ignoring the strange mish mash of the Quality Street Magic Moments song and Martine McCutcheon now running round my head (which I naturally wanted to share with you all) I thought that was a pretty good title, and so here it is.

Perfect Moments

The idea behind us both having the same prompt was to see how differently we approached it, being two mums of similar age with two children each. I have already posted Sandy’s blog, and it was perhaps no surprise that we both cherish the little moments just as much as the big ones.

When I first starting thinking about perfect moments, my mind was naturally drawn to the obvious suspects, my wedding day, passing my exams and the births of my two wonderful children for example. But the problem with *just* having huge, life-changing perfect moments is that, by their very nature, these things are few and far between. I am not planning on having any more children, I am certainly not planning on getting married again (unless Mr Thewlis has other ideas!) and if I take any more exams, their effect is unlikely to be as profound as the ones I already have behind me.

I don’t want to limit my potential for perfect moments, and if these were my only such times, it would be a very sorry state of affairs if I were to think I had no more perfect moments left in life. So I take what I can get; a hundred kisses from my daughter, a cuddle from my son, a glint in my husband’s eye.
I know I have perfect moments waiting for me in the future; maybe my son will grow out of his allergies and eczema, maybe I will learn to love myself as much as I love my family; maybe my husband’s cancer will never return.

Maybe I will be mother of the bride, and maybe I will be mother of the groom, but I *will* be mummy, as well as wife, daughter and sister. Perfect in every moment.

Thank you Sam, a lovely post and a perfectly gorgeous photograph :-)



  1. what a lovely post. Finding the perfect moments in everyday life is the key to happiness I think. Great to find a new blogger through this guest post day - shall go and read sandy's post at your place now.

  2. Beautiful photo and a lovely post, nice to meet you

  3. What a lovely post and picture x

  4. Such a lovely approach to perfect moments. I am going to have a look around your blog now. Am loving this guest posting thing.


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