25 October 2013

The Many Faces of Caitlin Moran

Last November I went to the first Mumsnet Blogfest. I'm such an awesome blogger that it has only taken me eleven months to write about it. Finger on the pulse, me.

Still, better late than never.

To top off a slick, professional, yet friendly conference I nabbed a front row seat for keynote speaker, Caitlin Moran. Being a complete Caitlin fan-girl I snapped away all the way though her funny and wise turn. The woman can talk and pull faces, all at the same time. Who knew?

What I loved about Blogfest was that it wasn't the usual crowd. There were some familiar faces, and I was grateful for that, but because I wasn't bumping into friends every two seconds I was able to widen my blogging circle.

The sessions were mostly useful, although I felt the speakers were quite journo-heavy.

As soon as the tickets went on sale for this year's Blogfest, I snapped one up. I'm excited by the sessions and will be torn as I have friends speaking at different sessions AT THE SAME TIME. Argh.

Are you going? Do say hello. I may write about you in eleven months or so...



  1. No, I won't be going.But I'm looking forward to hearing all about it on the day and afterwards.

  2. Yep yep yep. Nervous as hell but I will be there.

    1. @Pinkoddy, don't be nervous, I'll hold your hand :)


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