4 October 2013

Let us tell you a story...part 19

Tired Mummy of Two

You may have seen this amazing story unfolding on many different blogs over the last few weeks. Today it is my turn to play blogger consequences.

For the background to this writing challenge, and part one of the story, visit Tired Mummy of Two.

Mari left us yesterday with Laura's brother, Simon, surprising her with cruise tickets for her birthday. It's not that simple though. Laura's husband, Robert, has just reappeared after faking his own death...

"Simon chatted as he walked her down the short corridor towards the lounge and as he turned the corner his eyes landed on Robert standing opposite."

Simon opened his mouth, then closed it again forcing it into a tight thin line. As he clenched his fists he pressed his nails into his palms.

Robert jumped to his feet, defensively raising his hands. 

"Simon, S-Simon, I'm sorry, I can explain...", he said. 

"No, Robert, you can't explain", shouted Laura, "Get out. Now!".

Robert flushed red, then paled as both Laura and Simon lunged towards him. He ran for the door but collided with Simon's wife, Jude, knocking her to the ground. 

Robert made it out of the front door, trench coat flying behind him. Laura yelled after him to never come back, then slammed the door. 

Laura's ears were ringing. Poppy, her dog, was barking and running up and down the hall. Through the din, Laura heard Simon shouting,

"Laura, call 999, it's Jude".

What's wrong with Jude? Will they make it onto the cruise? What happens to Robert? Will we see Tony again?

Visit Mum's the Word tomorrow to find out what happens next...

If you were wondering whatever happened to Write On?
Well, life happened. It will be back soon, I promise.




  1. GAHHHHHH!!!!! Oh My! What an instalment, what has that nasty Robert done to Jude? I really really hope Tony comes back, I liked him! Can't. Wait. Till. Tomorrow.

    1. @TeamLloyd, I know what I want to happen next (and yes, it involves Tony), but the power is with Jayne now :)

  2. Oh no! ANOTHER twist in the plot? This is better than the 'tum tum' of Eastenders isn't it?
    Every day a new angle, it's exhausting but brilliant

  3. Aaaaagh! This story hots up with every instalment! Love it :)

    1. @Older Single Mum, I know, what a fantastic project :)

  4. Arghhhhhhhhh! What has happened to Jude? Eek.

  5. Replies
    1. @Domestic Goddesque, I love that e can do anything to our characters :)


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