17 June 2013

Review: Micro Sprite Scooter

Last year the boys were lucky enough to review Mini Micro Scooters. This year we were given the opportunity to join them on two wheels. We were sent a Micro Sprite Scooter to review. I say 'we', but Andy was willing to volunteer to put it through its paces.

To begin with he felt a little self-conscious, but soon got over himself when he went out with the boys one weekend. He was really impressed with the scooter. He said it handles well and is pretty nippy. The boys were annoyed that Daddy could scoot faster than them.

They went exploring, looking for all the play areas in our village. They could cover ground quickly and managed to scoot for three miles with minimal effort.

The aluminium Micro Sprite Scooter is suitable for ages 5 to adult. It is lightweight and foldable and excellent value for money at £59.99.


Are you a teacher?

Micro Scooters also sent through a press release. I don't normally publish press releases here on Baby Baby, but I made an exception for this one. It makes for fascinating reading.

Teachers Who Scoot To School Gain More Pupil Respect
Pilot Study Finds Scooting Improves All-Round Teacher Performance
A pilot study by Micro Scooters UK has found that teachers who scoot to school not only make better teachers but also garner greater respect amongst their pupils and the pupils' parents.
The month-long study took place earlier this year in the West Midlands county town of Worcester. It involved 8 primary school teachers scooting to-and-from school each day versus a test group of 8 who made their journey via car.
Conducted by sustainable transport expert Steve Fox of Fox Consulting, the study found the scooting teachers performed twice as well as their peers when it came to:
  • Fitness
  • Happiness
  • Self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Road safety
  • Relationships
  • Commuting
•  Scooting paid for itself after two weeks
•  Scooting made the teachers feel more positive simply by using their cars less
• Scooting provided the teachers with a convenient way to improve fitness that was compatible with their lifestyle
• Scooting kick started their motivation to get fit
• Scooting helped them to feel fitter and encouraged them to continue a fitness regime even when the study had ended
•  Scooting allowed teachers to meet new parents and interact with them on a daily basis
•  Scooting improved relationships with both children and parents
•  Kids think teachers who scoot are cool
•  Scooting helped teachers understand what drivers need to consider when driving near scooters
•  Scooting made teachers further appreciate the need to wear a helmet
•  Because pavements are congested, scooting taught teachers to be more aware of other users
•  Scooting made teachers more aware of the need to teach road safety

•  Scooting made teachers feel more motivated in the mornings
•  Scooting made teachers look forward to getting to school
•  Scooting increased teachers energy levels
•  Scooting ensured a better relationships with the kids
•  Scooting gave teachers more energy and improved their fitness giving them an overall feeling of well being
•  Scooting enabled teachers to speak with parents from whom they got good feedback making them feel good.
•  Scooting made them feel less likely to complain about smaller issues
•  Teachers with children at the school scooted in with them and they had fun on the journey rather than the stress of driving

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Commenting on the scheme, Micro Scooters UK business development director, Ben Gibson, said:
“We know from customer feedback that scooting makes for happier children who perform better at school. It seems the same is true of their teachers. As well as extending the scheme to other schools throughout the UK, we’re also planning schemes for other stressful professions such as nursing to see if it can improve their well-being too!”

What an excellent idea. Do you fancy scooting to work?

I'm still recovering from pneumonia, but hopefully I'll soon be scooting to school with the boys every day.

Disclosure: we were sent a Micro Sprite Scooter to review. 


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