10 June 2013

Lost Cinemas

This collection of photographs is at Milton Keynes museum. It made me sad to think that in even the smallest town there used to be a cinema.

I've always loved films and used to go to the cinema a lot. I remember my dad taking me to see Star Wars in 1977. We had to queue around the block to get in. 

Going to the cinema used to be a cheap night out. I've always liked going on my own during the day. There's something rather indulgent about it. When I was travelling it was a great way to pass the time, especially on a rainy afternoon.

Things have changed. When I went to the cinema last year, it was the first time in over five years. I was shocked at the price of the tickets. A night out at the cinema for two adults, including a babysitter, is about £50. Also films are much longer than they used to be. You can now go out for dinner, or go to the cinema - but you can't do both

I took four year old Cash to the cinema for the first time at the weekend (his brother simply refuses to go). We went to see Epic. I booked online to save 10% and it was still £15. 

Luckily I had a voucher for a free popcorn. We'll never eat all that, we said. Erm...

We occasionally turn our lounge into a cinema. We pop our own popcorn, line up the teddies on the sofa and close the curtains.

A couple of years ago, when we bought a new television, we received a free subscription to Lovefilm. At first we struggled to find enough films that we wanted to watch, but - and this may surprise you - new films are released all the time and they only take a couple of months to arrive at Lovefilm. I think we pay £6 per month for unlimited films. Now every Saturday night is date night. It's not the same as going to the cinema, but it's a pretty good alternative.

Have you seen any good films lately?




  1. I can't think of any good films I've watched recently. Hubby started doing a top 250 films on IMDB challenge and we've watched some rubbish ones on there. Goodfellas, Rain Man and Big Fish were good. x

    1. @Susan Oh that's a good idea. we'll do that when we run low on films x


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