6 April 2013

Reasons to Love Living in Milton Keynes #7: Milton Keynes Museum

Milton Keynes may be a new city* but it was made up of several existing Buckinghamshire towns and many villages and hamlets. Make no mistake, there is history here. There is plenty to fill a local museum. Milton Keynes encompasses a Roman Road (Watling Street), the Grand Union canal and a Victorian railway line.

The main exhibits in Milton Keynes Museum relate to farming, transport and life in Victorian and Edwardian times. There is also a fantastic new communication exhibit where all of the telephones are connected and in working order. There's even a police call box, but sadly it's not bigger on the inside.

Presley, 5, and Cash, 4, loved the Victorian school

They also enjoyed making some toast over an open fire with the enthusiastic museum guides

We all enjoyed exhibits we could touch

I was glad some things were behind glass

The museum is situated on a farm and the exhibits are in both the farm house and outbuildings. There is plenty of room for children to run around outside and the obligatory tea room and shop. We spent a happy half-day there and will be going back.

*Milton Keynes is not officially a city, but MKers MKites residents of MK call it a city. So there.



  1. It all looks lovely - except those freaky dolls!!!

    1. @Mammasaurus, thank goodness they're behind glass.

  2. I love museums. I remember having desks like that in my school days, brings back memories :0)

    1. @MsXpat, they had a lovely cupboard that I remember from my Nan's kitchen. I think this means we're getting old.


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