6 April 2013

Top 10 Car Cleaning Tips from Febreze

Dear Sandy, Would you like Febreze to clean your car for free?
Dear PR, Yes.

Febreze, Febreze, Febreze, you bring back memoreze....

Another lifetime ago I went out a lot. I'd mostly go to the pub after work and stay there. When I got home I'd take my suit off, hang it up and spray it with Febreze. The next morning I'd have a Berocca and put my suit back on; all pub smells gone.

Nowadays I'm more likely to spray my coat if I've been cooking something pungent. My coat hangs in the hall. The hall is next to the kitchen. I should shut the kitchen door, but I don't. Hence a quick spray with Febreze. I also use it to freshen up cushions and curtains, but had never thought of using it in the car. It works on upholstery, so why not spray the seats?

Before the Febrezers turned up I quickly emptied my car. I took away one bag of rubbish and one bag of CD's. I was ashamed of the state of my car. It was dusty and muddy - that was just the interior. I was amazed when the Febrezers said that my car was one of the cleanest they'd seen. Quite frankly, the mind boggles.

Here are my before and after photographs:

Here are the photographs the PR took of the back seats. Before: oh the shame:

After: ah, that's better:

Thank you, Febrezers.

Here are top ten car cleaning tips from Febreze:


1. Vigorously brush your carpets with a hard brush before vacuuming to ensure all dirt, dust and debris is removed.

2. Remove any sources of odour (e.g. litter, mud, dog hair) from the interior and spray the car seats with Febreze Fabric Refresher.

3. Clean the dashboard using a soft-bristle toothbrush with cleaning fluid in a circular motion to get into all the grooves.

4. Use a large soft paintbrush to dust the interior trim, around the steering wheel and clean the air vents.

5. Keep the air feeling fresh with a Febreze Car Air Freshener that will last up to 60 days and includes a fragrance intensity control for when you need an extra boost of freshness.


1. Always wait for your car to cool down before you wash it to avoid soapy smears and deposits.

2. Clean your car from the top down to avoid dirty water dripping on to the areas you have just cleaned.

3. Roll the windows down when you clean them so you can reach the top edges.

4. Avoid leaving your car to dry in the air as you risk smears – use a good microfibre cloth to dry off the excess moisture.

5. Remember to clean your wheels and tyres after you’ve washed the rest of your car using fresh cleaning solution – this is because dirt lodged in the wheels may contain small stones/debris picked up from the road that could damage the paintwork.

Disclosure: Febreze cleaned my car inside and out and left me a selection of Febreze products.



  1. Sandy. Your car was not much of a challenge! They need to come and clean mine. What with an eight year old who goes to football weekly and a six year old boy who is just noise with much on my car is a skip and would be much more of a challenge! I use febreeze to refresh the dry clean only curtains once a month and the mattresses when I turn them

    1. @Jen, ah, we haven't started football yet. The car still looks good because I haven't out anything back in (and it's not being used much). Good job I like the CD that's in the player...


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