13 November 2012

Dear PR, I'm sorry...

I've never asked you for anything to review, ever.  I decline 99.9% of products that you offer me for review, sometimes I'm even polite enough to email you back to tell you 'thanks, but no thanks'.

It's not me though, it's you. It's your fault I have to apologise. It's your fault I've been such a slacker.

You see, you've been emailing me with offers of free cake. I mean, who on earth turns down free cake?

Oh, you wanted me to write about the free cake? Oh, okay. This is why I've been rather sheepish lately and not replied to your chasing emails. This blog post is my thank you for all the free cake that I've scoffed this year and not written about.

Dear PR, I'm sorry I'm late with my review, but I was too full of cake to get to my laptop. Love, Sandy x

Mr Kipling

CAKE! Individually wrapped cake slices that you can kid yourself you're only going to eat one of as a treat, but then you rip open pack after pack until they're all gone... ahem... maybe that's just me.

No only did Mr Kipling send me some yummy cakey goodness (that I didn't share with my family), they also sent an M&S gift card (that I didn't share with my family). What I did share with my family was the day out they also gave us. And what a gorgeous day we chose for our treat. Thanks, Mr Kipling.

Aunt Bessies

My children love to bake. I've only got to mention the 'b'word and they're got their aprons on. Sometimes all they want to do is mix something. Aunt Bessies cake mixes are perfect for this. They are quick and easy, especially if you lack confidence in the baking department or don't bake regularly. The instructions are clear and you only need to add the odd ingredient such as an egg, oil or water. My boys made the cookies first and they turned out really well. My mum and I shared the rest of the mixes. She loved the Victoria sponge, but wasn't so keen on the Yorkshire tea loaf.


Free chocolate? YES, PLEASE. Over the last few months I got to try some new Cadbury chocolate. My favourite was the Dairy Milk Bubbly, but I still happily scoffed the Toffee Popcorn and Golden Biscuit Crunch. The things I have to do for my readers. Welcome to Joyville, indeed.


Heinz Five Beanz, what's that got to do with cake? Well, not only did Heinz send us some new Five Beans and old skool Alphabetti Spaghetti to try, they also send a bag of food shopping to go with them - including a tower of profiteroles. We ate well that weekend, I can tell you.

I wasn't sure I'd like the Five Beanz, because I associate kidney beans with chilli, but they tasted great - just like regular Baked Beans, but with more texture. I now use them in chilli and veggie pasta dishes, as well as on toast. I'm a Five Beanz convert.

Angel Delight Ice Cream

Mmm, Angel Delight AND Ice Cream? That's a match made in Heaven, surely? Angel Delight Ice Cream is lovely stuff, it's cheap and easy to make. You whisk milk into the packet mix and freeze. The butterscotch flavour is my favourite. No, you don't have to thank me.


I know, I know, it's not cake, but bread is pretty good too. Thanks, Hovis, the Seed Sensations loaf is delicious.

Disclosure: all of the above items were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.




  1. shocked!! if anyone sent me free cake (hint) I would blog while it was still in my mouth! :-)

    1. @Tattooed Mummy, I shall do that next time, if there is a next time...

  2. My God you've been doing some serious scoffing there Sandy! Jealous!

    1. @NotSupermum, someone's got to do it... ;)

  3. Hysterical Sandy I have moth for mothful the same foodie story form the past few months ut the angel delight remains untried you have tempted me..anyhow .how the devil are you my friend. LOVE your 80's snaps Bx


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