13 November 2012

Bake it for Babies - Changing the World One Cupcake at a Time

It's amazing what a few bloggers can do in a short space of time.

We were inspired by a Save the Children blogging conference. We had thrown around fundraising ideas and in addition to the Blog it for Babies campaign and tour, some bloggers decided to create a cook book. Jenny created a Save the Children cupcake based on the peanut paste that is given to malnourished children by Save the Children.

A few of us submitted recipes and ta da, the result is the beautifully illustrated Bake it for Babies Cook Book. I'm delighted to have a recipe published. I made these cakes, from my recipe, for the boys' birthday, for the children to take home from the party at our local farm centre.

The best indictment of how wonderful this book is, is that when I lent it to my mum she didn't realise that I was showing her because I had a recipe published (her noisy grandchildren had just arrived). When she returned the book a week later she said she'd copied down four of the recipes to try.

It would make a lovely xmas present....

Bake it for Babies is available from Lulu. All proceeds to Save the Children.



  1. OMG, I. want. that. cake. now.

    Ace post. Let's hope the book sells like erm, hot cakes!

  2. Thanks for writing this you lovely thing! That reminds me I need to buy my Mother in Laws pressie.. one cupcake book coming right up!

    1. @Mammasaurus, no worries, I've been meaning to do it for ages :)


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