12 April 2012

Review: Mini Micro Scooters

We were sent two Mini Micro Scooters to review.

When they arrived my children were the most excited I think I've ever seen them outside of Christmas. You see their best friends have these scooters and we have always been rather envious. Not any more. As soon as they were assembled (one piece to slide in, very simple) Presley and Cash wanted to go out on their new scooters. There was a brief delay because they wanted to add the stickers that came with the scooters and I wanted to read the safety guide - all common sense stuff, as you would expect.

They have been on scooters at toddler groups and at nursery, but only on basic models. Micro Scooters are the pinnacle of scootering! As they whizzed around the garden my boys soon got the hang of the the back foot brake and they also started to intuitively steer by moving their weight from side to side instead of turning the handles.

I love the design of the Mini Micro. It is clearly a quality product, safe and sturdy. This gives me a great deal of confidence. The colours are fantastic too. There are the usual blue, green and pink, plus neon brights - inspired by highlighter pens! Also check out the limited edition Union Jack scooters.

My favourite thing about Mini Micro Scooters is how confident my children are on them. I hate to label them as reserved, but they are not the type of children to charge head-long into anything. It takes them a while to build up their confidence on a climbing frame, for instance. So to see them on the scooters is a delight for me. 

This is Presley zooming along the side of the house, getting ready to break before he hits the gate. He looks coordinated and completely in control of his scooter.

We'll only need a few practise sessions in the park before we tackle the nursery run. This will speed up daily dawdle no end. I am seriously tempted to get the adult version so that I can keep up!


The original, award-winning Mini Micro Scooter T-Bar Blue is £49.95.


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  1. Great review. Looks like your son is having a ball. Cheers!


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