26 February 2012

Tots100 Book Club: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

I was at a party with Caitlin Moran once. I didn't get to speak to her as she was surrounded by people. Every now and again I'd catch a glimpse of leopardprint or big hair and smile to myself.

I remember her presenting 'Naked City' on Channel 4 in the nineties. I remember her raving about Jeff Buckley, so much so that I bought 'Grace' and played it on repeat for years. I don't follow many famous people on Twitter, but I follow @CaitlinMoran.  She's very very funny. Her Celebrity Watch column in the Times is genius, but I only get to read it when the pay wall is down.

We've established that I'm a bit of a fan of Ms Moran, so I was keen to read her book 'How to be a Woman'. It's part autobiography, part feminist essay. Don't let the latter put you off. If only all feminist essays were this accessible then perhaps the world would be a better place. I found myself agreeing with just about everything Moran writes.

This book is simply brilliant. It made me roar with laughter and with outrage. She tackles subjects as diverse as abortion, Katie Price, pubic hair, childbirth and £600 handbags. In fact her description of her two very different experiences of childbirth should be compulsory reading for women and men. She is brutally honest and completely inspirational.

I would like to recommend this wonderful book to Becky from Lakes Single Mum, as I know she will enjoy it. In fact I defy anyone not to devour this book and then declare themselves a STRIDENT FEMINIST!

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  1. I can't wait to read this after your review!

  2. I'm looking forward to the review!

  3. I read this recently too, I also follow Caitlin Moran on twitter and find her very funny. I was mixed about the book though, I loved her recollections of her growing up. Those bits had me laughing out loud. I thought some of the feminist arguments got a bit lost and contradictory at times though. Overall it's an enjoyable read, and quick which is what I like!


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