5 February 2012

Things I have said to my children this weekend...

... at the pool

  • Not boogies, boobies
  • No, they haven't got any milk in them now
  • Yes, I suppose they look a little bit like butternut squash
  • Yes, I suppose Mummy has got a funny tummy
  • Mummies and daddies have hair there
  • You'll have some one day
  • Do you need a poo?
  • Yes, they've got toilets here
  • Well done, darling
  • Yes, you can see your poo in the loo, how funny
  • They're magic taps
  • Just put your hands under

... at the party

  • People do gymnastics at the gymnasium
  • It's a hall where people do gymnastics
  • Forward rolls and jumping
  • No, this isn't Eliot's house
  • Okay, I'll give Eliot his present
  • Take your boots and socks off x3
  • Get down, wait until the man says you can climb that
  • Lovely balancing
  • What's the matter?
  • Okay, Cash, you can sit with Mummy
  • What's the matter?
  • Okay, Presley, you can sit with Mummy too
  • Do you want to join in yet? x7
  • Wait your turn
  • I'm watching
  • Yes, I saw you
  • What do you want to eat?
  • You can't just have Hula Hoops for tea
  • Yes, I'll put some on the shopping list
  • You need a sandwich on that plate
  • Put it back on your plate, you're having a sandwich
  • Don't eat it then
  • Leave it on your plate x2
  • Ooh look, pudding
  • One more biscuit
  • Last one
  • No, the last one was the last one
  • Have you finished now? x2
  • Everyone else has gone home
  • Say thank you to Eliot's mummy for the Hula Hoops
  • Put on your socks and boots x3

... at home

  • No, we've run out of carrots
  • Yes, I'll put them on the shopping list
  • I think 5 Octonauts snowmen is enough
  • There's not enough snow for Barnacles and Peso
  • Would you like a hot chocolate when we go in?
  • Okay, a warm chocolate?
  • It's not too hot
  • Blow on it
  • Mummy blow on it too
  • It's cold now
  • You want it cold, like chocolate milkshake?
  • Fine
  • Leave it then
  • Boys! x4
  • Play nicely or Mummy will take it away
  • Right
  • Let's sit quietly for five minutes
  • Snuggle up, Mummy's cold
  • Shall we watch 'The Snowman'?
  • I know, he melted
  • Yes, your snowmen are melting now
  • I am warm now, thank you



  1. lol it's funny the things we end up saying to them and repeating over and over again. x

  2. Lol. The joys of being a parent eh?!

  3. Love it - I can so relate to that - he he.....

  4. I'm not going to be able to face the butternut squash in my fridge in the same way tonight.

  5. I say just this makes parenting the most exhausting job in the world!

  6. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you can laugh with me... you are laughing with me, right?!

    Apologies to Iota for the butternut squash image!

  7. Oh this has made my day, so funny! What a refreshing read, please keep up the good writing : ) x

  8. Kids say the funniest things eh? I was in a public toilet recently with my boy, who was doing a poo, with grunting and everything. A lady went into the toilet next to us and he said (loudly) "Lady are you doing a poo too?". She didn't respond....


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