12 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Jeans - Evans, circa 2002. Every time I wear these vintage jeans I am aware it could be the last time. They have a 'designer' rip in the buttock area. They're a bit drafty in the winter, but us fashionistas have to suffer to look fabulous.

Jumper - TU at Sainsbury's, 2011. A new addition to my capsule wardrobe in a classic charcoal colour. I anticipate this piece will see me through several winter seasons.

Pants - M&S, circa 2007. Stylish*, yet comfortable.

Socks - Next, 2010. Pale pink with a hint of grey on the soles.

Bra - The Sale at Debenhams, 2009. That's what Debenhams is called now, there's always a sale at Debenhams.

*Not really

For bloggers modelling nicer clothes than mine, check out...



  1. I bet it all looked lovelier on you than it did in a pile on the floor :)

  2. I bet you look lovely in that outfit x

  3. standard mum uniform, got it on now! Did you go to my school by any chance? ;)

  4. Nice blog!

    I am doing a fashion and beauty blog hop on my blog - come and join in the fun!



  5. You're all very sweet. I suppose it looked okay on. The jeans are now in the recycling. I think I gave the other mums an eyeful at the school gate yesterday!


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