25 January 2012

Handy Bendy Sandy

I've always been pretty flexible - hence the nickname. I first took a yoga class ten years ago. It changed my life. I knew instantly this was the exercise/hobby/lifestyle choice for me and I practised every day, for years. I last took a yoga class the day before I went into labour with Presley. That was four years and five months ago. Since then I've practised progressively less and less. I'm stiff, I'm off balance and I'm tense. Last night, finally, I found a new class.

I unrolled my yoga mat, relieved that there were no cobwebs or moths inside. I stepped onto it, feet bare. I felt connected to the mat, to the floor, to the studio, to the earth, to me. I slowly and gingerly laid down. I began to relax and lengthen. There was a little more space between each vertebrae with each out breath. I could feel the curves of my spine on and off the mat.

As I made each movement my muscles remembered, the cat, the cow, and the downward dog. My shoulders were tight and mostly unyielding, but with each twist I unwound. I remembered how to breathe and when. Finally, becoming a corpse, all stress oozed away. With tears in my eyes I knew I was in my spiritual home.




  1. I love the sound of yoga, I've had a taster in the MuTu System and really like it, like you say it's relaxing, stretching and uplifting all at once. Win win!

  2. wow! beautiful! i am scared of yoga. i feel that i am too big to enjoy yoga.

  3. I used to do a body balance (mix of yoga and tai chi and core strength) class at my gym every thursday for 4 years until I had my daughter two years ago, your post took me back to that feeling of being earthed, resetting and listening to my breath, I really must go back. Bliss. x

  4. I haven't been to yoga in forever!! Maybe I'll take some inspiration from you and book myself onto the next class xx

  5. Gad you found yourself a new class. I have just started pilates and am loving it. Mich x

  6. Oh my oh my oh my - I can so so so relate.

    Found this post from 10 at 10 (or whatever it is called).

    I taught Kundalini Yoga for 6 years right up until I was 38 weeks pregnant and I have done nowt since - neither class nor personal practice and I am tense and irritable pretty much most of the time.

    My husband keeps saying why don't you do some yoga.

    Your post is the 1st thing that has inspired me enough to think that I might. I really really might.

    The way you described connecting with the earth and connecting with the breath.... I can really relate.

    Thank you for giving me a glimpse of the me I could be.

    Liska xxx

  7. Mari, it is amazing, I'd recommend it to anyone :)

    Romanian Mum, don't be scared, no one is too big to do yoga. Seriously, if I can do it then anyone can!

    Chris, I'd forgottten just how wonderful it is :)

    Emma, do it!!! x

    Mich, I tried Pilates, it's tougher than it looks! So glad you love it x

    Liska, oh lovely, thank you for your wonderful comment. My husband has been saying to me for years I should go back to yoga! I hope you find a new class or at least the inspiration to practice at home x

  8. Lovely post, I keep meaning to take up yoga - I've only ever tried one class and enjoyed it but was strangely exhausted afterwards.

    My mission for 2012 is to get back in the hoop - I got crazy for hole hooping, but slightly fell off the wagon after my instructor stopped her classes!

    1. Babes about Town, it can be really strenuous if you want it to be. I'm going to have to Google hole hooping! :)


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