1 November 2011

Reasons to Love Living in Milton Keynes #4

There are more than twenty parks in Milton Keynes. One of them is at Furzton Lake.

We took the boys there recently. They enjoyed feeding the ducks and the geese:

We loved the Triple Star Head sculpture by Paul Neagu:

When we were looking for a house in Milton Keynes, we wondered what it would be like to live at Furzton. Homes with a lake view come at a hefty premium. As we walked round the lake though, we thought that the residents must get fed up with people walking, running and cycling past their back gardens.

We were proud of the boys as they walked most of the 2.2km around the lake. We only had to carry them on the final stretch. We rewarded ourselves with a treat from the ice-cream van. Lovely.



  1. You have no idea how happy this makes me! As someone who was brought up in Milton Keynes and has decided to raise my own little one here as well, I really HATE it when people put down the area! It's so nice to read about someone whose decided to move here and loves it!

  2. Love Furzton, many a happy walk/cycle ride has taken place there! x

  3. I totally forgot you are in Milton Keynes! How about Stowe Gardens? We discovered it last weekend on our way to Ikea and it is ACE!

    How are you enjoying it down south? Fancy a coffee? x

  4. I have some friends who live near Woburn and we've been into the Milton Keynes area several times with them. I really liked it and one of them said 'that's because you're American, we think it looks really American!'

    I *kind of* knew what they meant... don't know. What do you think?

  5. To be honest, I have only been to Milton Keynes to go to Ikea. Maybe we'll make more of a trip of it next time!

  6. Am hopelessly late replying to comments, so sorry.

    Michelloui, I think they're referring to the grid system?


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