24 November 2011

Advanced Squirrel Spotting

There are three squirrels in this photograph. Can you spot them all?

Aw, go on, humour me.

We've been on almost constant squirrel watch for weeks now.

The boys found some oak trees at nursery and - quite literally - filled their boots and pockets with acorns on a daily basis for about a month. They came home from nursery and spent twenty minutes filling Tupperware pots. We then deposited the acorns under the ash tree in our garden.

Then we waited. Soon enough, a squirrel arrived. He must have thought all his birthdays had come at once. He then spent all day every day squirrelling the acorns away. I expect we'll find plenty of sapling oaks popping up next year as a result.

Our squirrel friend had the run of the garden for a few weeks and then another squirrel turned up and then another. He now has to share his nuts. There's a lot of squirrelly shouting.

So now we have three squirrels to watch. This week they all appeared together, at the same time. I caught them on camera. I won't make Wildlife Photographer of the Year, but I'm still proud.

They stayed still long enough for me to zoom in on each of them.

Why yes, of course you can see the close-ups. I thought you'd never ask.

There was one of the side fence:

One on the bird box:

And finally, one on the first branch up on the left:


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