20 December 2010

Snowed in

This time last year we were snowed in. We live down a lane, down a hill. It's almost impossible to get the car out to the main road. After almost a month I was going stir crazy.

On Friday it snowed again.

A lot.

I hate that we get snowed in. I hate even more when we can get the car out and the roads are icy. Even though I pretty much hate the effects of the snow, I still watch it fall with child-like wide-eyed wonder. I'm excited by it. It's beautiful. If I wake up in the middle of the night I peek out of the curtains to see how much we've had.

The boys love it!

There's only so much time you can spend outside in the snow before you get too cold, although we've done our best.

Our snow is weird this year, it's a fine powder and not great for building snowmen.

It's deep enough to go over the top of little wellies.

And to coat woollen mittens.

So we came indoors to paint. I made the mistake of answering my phone and moving into the kitchen to chat in peace. This is what I came back to.

Andy took pity on me and bought back a packet cake mix from the local shops to entertain us.

This is what the cakes are supposed to like like.

There are Presley's.

There are Cash's.

I think they're wonderful AND they were edible.

I'll have to find some more activities for tomorrow or maybe we'll just snuggle up in front of the television.

It is nearly Christmas after all.





  1. The snowman looks a little but like ET! We've tried that cake mix - it's great. We were snowed in a few weeks ago. Have to admit it drove me a little bit mad, although my daughter - like your boys - thought it was brilliant!

  2. lol, I was just saying earlier how the snow is all wrong this year for making snow men! You have just described me, I love the snow to look at and am like a child and then I hate being stuck in and I hate going out in the car in it. No win situation for me.

    Mich x

  3. We go walking in the snow, but I do leave my car sitting in the street. I would go mad in the house, though. I already go a little crazy staying in the village.

  4. LOVED the picture of the boys after their painting! You can't leave them alone for a minute at that age.

  5. The snow is weird this year isn't it? We had trouble building a snowman too but we got there in the end.
    And we made these cakes once as well and not surprisingly that's what ours ended up looking like too!

  6. I like the impressionist cakes or are they cubist?!

    Must be very very cold is the snow is fine and powdery. That is the best for skiing, "champagne powder" we call it! Once you spend a lot of time in a snowy place you understand why the eskimos have so many words for it.

  7. Ooh look Picasso cakes! I think you have budding cubist cake makers..

  8. The cakes look great and its good to see you did not help them. I am loving the holidays and enjoying baking with the children. We could not make a snowman as the snow was not good but we now own sledges and they are keeping the boys busy. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  9. we made these cakes once as well and not surprisingly that's what ours ended up looking like too! I hate being stuck in and I hate going out in the car in it. No win situation for me.

  10. We paint and do a lot of crafts in the winter. I just can't face bundling the kids into snowsuits for a second time in the day. And baking. We do a lot of baking.
    (Another amazing activity I have discovered is to put on an exercise video. They will do it for a good 20 min before getting bored. And it burns off some energy)

  11. And the snow is still here. It is now like icy sand.

    Thank you all for your comments. I seem to have fallen behind with my replies and I apologise. Sadly I don't have time to do them today and will be mostly offline for the next week. Next year I will try harder!

    Merry Christmas x

  12. We have been snowed in as well, and also had that silly snow that is powder stuff. Useless for building snowmen. xxx

  13. Kerry, rubbish, isn't it?! So glad it's all gone now x


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